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Re: What Home did for Me

Nov 11, 2013

I've seen much of the rest of the world. It is brutal and cruel and dark, Home is the light.

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Re: What Home did for Me

Nov 11, 2013

KatCall75 wrote:

Conrad_Max wrote:
(a bunch of cool stuff)

Home better be on the PS4.  It's really a great thing.


I look at it and think it's just people talking...but that's the point!  We're talking.


In Home, I am a real person.  I belong to only myself.  I am pure and I don't hurt.  I am strong, and some people actually think I'm funny and smart.  I functioned and I needed to be with others that also functioned.



Speaking as someone who's professionally funny and smart, I can say with total confidence that you are funny and smart. Smart people have a very, very bad habit of underestimating their worth.


Glad to hear you're in a better place. Don't ever let anyone sell you short.

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Re: What Home did for Me

Nov 11, 2013

It wasn't my husband (never married), it was my father.


I was only allowed to eat bollogna or hot dogs, while he enjoyed full-cooked meals.  I was 36 when I left, and I was still living in a little girl's room with a dollhouse (the day I moved out, he changed the room to be an adult's bedroom).  He had full controll over my money (yelled at me for two-hours for buying a hamburger, questioned me for 45-minutes over a 47-cent purchase at Walmart).


I understand your position, but you don't understand mine.

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Re: What Home did for Me

Nov 11, 2013
KatCall75 wrote:

I found myself in a point in my life where I thought I was worthless.  I was in an abusive relationship, and I was convinced I wasn't worth anything.  I was trapped, not allowed to go out, have friends, or socialize in any way.


And then I found you.  I found Home.  You probably don't remember me, but you saved my life.  You all did.  You gave me strength to leave.  I almost forgot I could.  It took a while, but I escaped!  I can dance again, and I dance with you all in my heart.


I love you all so much.  Thank you for giving me back my life.

I am glad you found peace in your life. Some never get there. I wish you well in your quest in life. Yay. I had a special friend show me the way alot here also.If home does close one day it will be a great chapter in my life and will be in my memories for a long time. I wish you all well..

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Re: What Home did for Me

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Nov 11, 2013

Life is hard enough just dealing with the day to day things that seem to crop up. Toxic people, angry people, insensitive people. The list can go on.


We arrive into this world naked and alone and for some they leave in the same manner.


One can truly count themselves blessed if along this journey of life we find someone to share our short lives with.


Family should be a sanctuary from stress and ills of the outside world. I'm sorry that yours was a prison not of your making. I'm glad you found the courage to escape.


I hope you are fortunate enough to find the happiness so many of us seek.


Good luck to you on your new journey.Woman Happy



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