Jan 29 2013
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I would love it if in the future, Home had varying weather conditions. Similar to Animal Crossing. (: 

i know it's a far-fetched idea, but it still sounds amazing.  Like on rainy days, avatars could use umbrellas, or play in the snow. 

I know that in the past, there were certain times when areas would have snow or rain, but that was short lived. 

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Re: Weather-blackSheepie

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Jan 30, 2013

Actually it's not that far fetched.  Others had suggested  weather conditions along with day and night cycles as well.  I'm definitely on board with you on that.  I'm a big fan of Foggy an rainy days myself, unless of course there are monsters  coming out of it.Woman Happy

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Re: Weather-blackSheepie

Jan 30, 2013
I like the idea, too, sheepie.
Especially if they ever do a downtown space.
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Re: Weather-blackSheepie

Jan 30, 2013
I have always supported this idea. Maybe at least in the Core spaces? Those are managed by Sony, the rest would have to be done individually by developer, like Aurora changed for Hallowe'en or Edo changed for winter and New Years. I was so happy to see spaces with snow this winter. Thanks to Juggernaut for the snow and rain items for our spaces too. It really adds so much
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