Nov 03 2011
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WELCOME TO HOME (If you're new - come here first!)

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Welcome to the Home Forums!

If you're new here, we hope this little guide will help you find what you're looking for.

First, to make sure you don't break any rules, we recommend reading through the Guidelines for the Home forums before you post.


Here in the main Home forum, you can discuss most anything Home related with your fellow Home users.

Tip! Home has dedicated posts on the official PlayStation Blog. Bookmark this link to be taken directly to all Home-related posts:


If you're having an issue with something within Home that isn't working as you expected it to, pay a visit to the Home Support forum. You'll find a wealth of information about known issues, possible  solutions to your issue, and how to contact Customer Service if all else  fails in the 'Featured Threads' section. You can also get help from  your fellow Home users by creating a new thread. Please note that this is only the Support space for PlayStation Home. If the issue you're having is not specific to Home, you'll want to head to the more general Support forum for help.


Have an idea for an item or a feature that you think would make Home better? Head on over to the Home Suggestions forum.


If you'd like to customize your forum avatar (the little graphic tile by your name on the left), it is now possible. For more information, click here:

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Re: WELCOME TO HOME (If you're new - come here first!)

Nov 14, 2011

There are also a few forum titles specific to Home, so we thought we'd give you the skinny on who these people are.

Home Community Manager and Home Community Specialist

These are the Home management team (Sometimes referred to as HCM's). You will often see them posting to announce official events, upcoming content, or make other official statements about the Home Community.

Home Moderation Team

The Home forums are moderated by members of the Home Moderation team, which also moderates within Home itself. They cannot help you with support issues, but will gladly assist with any trolls you find lurking in your threads. To learn more about in-Home moderation, check out the Moderation in Home

Playstation Home Support

These are members of the Home Team who help track support issues. They are not developers, and so cannot directly fix things. Their task is to gather data about any Home technical difficulties posted in the Home Support forum and pass that information along to those who might be able to resolve issues. You will see them asking questions about Home technical issues, or sometimes sharing information about upcoming fixes.


Some of the companies developing content for Home have a presence here in our forums. These are not Sony employees, but employees of the respective developing companies. You'll find them in threads about their specific content answering questions and responding to feedback. For a list of these, scroll down, or click here.

Home Community Volunteers

The HCV's, as they are often referred to, are not Sony employees, officials, or moderators. They are helpful members of the Home community, who volunteer their time and effort to help other users as best they can. You'll often find them posting about giving tours to new spaces, or attempting to help others navigate the waters of Home in the support forums. You can learn more about them here: Home Community Volunteer FAQ

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Re: WELCOME TO HOME (If you're new - come here first!)

Feb 22, 2012

Much of PlayStation Home's content is created by developement teams outside of Sony. Our community is fortunate enough to have some of these developers active in these forums. The list below is a handy reference of these '3rd party' developers who are currently active in our forums.

Digital Leisure

Developer: digitalleisure

Heavy Water

Developer: HeavyMystik

Hellfire Games

Developers: hellfiregames and Novus-Inimicus

Community Manager: Novus-Cooldown

Juggernaut Games

Developer: Jugbot_One


Developer: KonamiPSHomeDev

Lockwood Publishing

Developer: LockwoodVoice

My Deco

Developer: mydeco1

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