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Re: Vote For Your Overall Favorite 2012 Home Developer

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Nov 14, 2012

Juggernaut Games. Hands down.


Great quality, best prices, and major ear to user-requests. Every product they've made has been on par with similiar items, with only a fraction of the cost, while the bundles are even more tremendous savings. MiniBots, Cutteridge, Seven Winds, whenever in Home I hear something about them, or pass an item from one of those 'series' produced by Juggernaut, and hope it continues. Smiley Tongue


Also, on a very opinionated note, they do alot of origional ideas compared to most of our content this year, and their giving a tournament to Home users for a chance to create items as a prize is by far one of the best things I've seen in Home. I hope more dev.s take the example and allow users a chance to make content with them.

I don't budlist-add on forums, and blank PSN requests get ignored!
Missing Rewards -over a year old, still never fixed! 3-4 months worth of items still MIA.
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Re: Vote For Your Overall Favorite 2012 Home Developer

Nov 14, 2012
In first place: The Playstation Home team.!

In second place: Heavy Water

In third place: Lockwood publishing
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Re: Vote For Your Overall Favorite 2012 Home Developer

Nov 14, 2012


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Re: Vote For Your Overall Favorite 2012 Home Developer

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Nov 18, 2012

Here are my choices for favorite developers :  

1.Loot. I love some of the movie themed space's especially Ghostbusters. Also love the EOD tv spaces like Hollywood Hills and          

             Sunset Yacht.

2. Heavy Water. I love the Avalon Keep space, Heavy Peeps, and surveilance helicopter. Also love that they gave us free items.

3. Juggernaut. Love the Cutteridge Estate and the ghost stories pack. Also love their new hoverboards, and lantern locomotions, and

                           the fact that they sold them cheaper than the other developer's. That's a big plus for me.

4. Lockwood. Even though I find some of their items items overpriced, I like that they gave away free items in October for a

                          really good cause. I also like that they actually met up with people on Home for a q & a, and they also respond to

                          feedback from the community.                  

5.nDreams. I love Aurora and Orb runner. Blueprint was a really innovative space too, so kudos for that.

6. Hellfire Games. I love Home Tycoon and that we go it for free. Didn't much like the bugs it had when it was first released  



Least favorite developers to me are Konami and Granzelle. Konami because even though I like some of their stuff, most of it is really over-priced. I think that they must really think they're special or something. Like the Private Jet Space for $12.99? That's a total rip-off to me. That's why I would never buy it. And Granzella because they tend to release a lot more content in EU and JPN then they do in NA. And if they do release something from those other regions to here, they take forever to do it. Plus they never give a real answer whether they will release something here from EU and JPN. I think it's total bs that they don't release things to us and just rub our noses in it.

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Re: Vote For Your Overall Favorite 2012 Home Developer

Nov 14, 2012

1. Lockwood! They have ALWAYS been the best devs, they have their hands in pretty much everything available in home, except Locomotions (yet) ((are you listening Lockwood??))) And just about everything they make is high-quality, Mercia was incredibly addicting!


2. Granzella, theyre basically like IREM, except they actually care about us and bring things over.. IREM kept most of their spaces in Japan, and they didnt even make personal spaces.. they also arent afraid to try out new ideas


3. Juggernaut Games, these people are REALLY innovative and fun, theyve made some great spaces, and active items as well as the BEST locomotions ive seen so far!


4. Digital Leisure.. because i love casinos, and having one in Home was like a dream come true


5. Heavy Water, i never cared much for the tattoos, or the peeps, but since they came out with Avalon Keep, theyve suddenly become a much more interesting developer.. IMO Avalon is one of the best spaces in Home


6. Ndreams, for making Blueprint, FUBAR, Streetmoves, and the first locomotions


7. Hellfire Games.. Novus Prime, Home Tycoon and some awesome locos


8. LOOT.. for making portable EOD/RadioIO and the Men in Black space


9. Mass Media


10. Konami


11. Veemee

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Re: Vote For Your Overall Favorite 2012 Home Developer

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Nov 14, 2012

Top Tier

  • Juggernaut Games - Palace of the Seven Winds, Minibots updates, Cutterridge Estate updates, Hooverboard at low price. Haven't run accross with major issues so far. Seems to be the developer to beat.

2nd Tier

  • LOOT - EOD TVs, movies, MIB (degraded them on the all-bundle coming late), free stuff and rewards.
  • nDreams - Aurora 1.5 and 1.6 wasn't really that great. Blueprint brought in alot of potential, but is missing a few features. FUBAR is fun for a quick everyday game. Released various locomotion items, but quality wise are a hit and miss.

3rd Tier

  • Lockwood Publishing - Uproar and Mercia. Would have placed them at top or 2nd tier if they didn't have several major issues with them. Especially after going through the hassle of having a closed beta, but wasn't able to fix it before official release.
  • Konami - Nice span of releases, although certain stuff are a hit and miss including price being questionably high with certain items.

4th Tier

  • Heavy Water - Not into tattoos. Avalon was good.
  • Hellfire Games - Home Tycoon seems to have potential but doesn't live up to it. Locomotion items are on the expensive side.
  • Mass Media - Midway 3, but that's it.
  • Granzella - Have been releasing paid stuff every week, but have they forgotten to bring updates to their lounges? Have broken alot of promises, missed release schedules, lots of delays, frequent initial bugs, lounge fixes and upgrades never being implemented, etc. They need to slow down and think over with how they are handling stuff. Also most stuff are somewhat on the expensive side.

Dead Last

  • VEEMEE - NML and high price. 


  • Digital Leisure - Haven't really gotten into casino stuff, so can't really judge on them. Seems they update frequently with great customer support. Probably would have placed them at 2nd tier if I had been getting involved with them.
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