May 12 2013
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Vertigo Apartment discussion **possible spoilers**

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There is the poll discussion which is located here, but I wanted to discuss my disgust with the vertigo apartment, and this re-release independent of the poll thread to keep it from clutter.


First, yes, there will always be that bitter taste with a re-release/re-color of any item, (the loot boardshort re-color of 2012, and the recent Hollywood hills re-release come to mind) but this one is sour for a different reason. Perhaps I was naive and misinterpreted the idea of rewards to unlock but I expected there to be something other than apartment pieces to unlock from XI: continuum. That being said, aside from the stapler statue, and rush re-color LMO given away as a final prize (and had no connection with XI: continuum at all) the apartment unlocks were the only real rewards, and now for all the effort it's for sale to anyone who doesn't want to work for the apartment, and not only will they save time, they will save money as the apartment is cheaper than the game.


By buying the associate pack in combination people will have a discount on the game, where as people who paid to play the game don't get a likewise discount on the standalone apartment (though aside from spawn points I don't see why anyone would want two of this same space). I may be wrong but I remember hearing that the apartment was going to be corrected after finishing the game, but then with complications of floating objects spawn points, and picture frames could not be added to the expandable apartment, but to then re-release the apartment for a price is a slap in the face to anyone who worked for that fully customizable, fully furnishable, fully completed apartment space.


In general the handling of the XI: continuum, and the vertigo apartment(s) were all messes, paid for buy the consumer for the profits of NDreams. If I could do it all over again I'd have kept my money. Neither the game, nor the apartment were worth half the money spent on it. Oh, and heck yeah I feel victimized of an overly hyped, underwhelming game, with misleading screenshots, and sample clips, and a teaser virtually irrelevant to the actual "check this message" "gameplay" that is about 60 percent of the game.


Now aside from the drama that is the XI:continuum debacle, the apartment itself is a mess. I am not, nor will I ever be a fan of segment here-bridge-segment there spaces. I find the space very ugly in that regard, and find it near impossible to properly decorate. Currently I have only three furnishings in the apartment, and due to the spread out nature of the space two of those furnishings are teleport pads. There is nothing fun with running bridge over bridge, step over step to get to get from point A to B, it makes the apartment less "big" and more tedious, and spread out in an unnecessary manner. I don't mind the individualized locales, but in a more contained space it would be less aggravating.


Overall I'm more than dissatisfied with the apartment, and all that surrounded it, I hate it, and hate is a very strong word. As for a grade, it doesn't get an F-, even worse, there isn't a grade that can be given to the space.


Ndreams, you guys make excellent stuff, but your business practices, and your prices make me intentionally not want to buy most of your items.


These are simply my personal opinion, based upon personal experience albeit they may differ from your own.

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