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Re: VG High Score: Glitch or Am I Awesome?

Mar 7, 2010

Nice score!!


Note to self: Do not invite HeatherShow to any space w/ a leaderboard.




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Re: VG High Score: Glitch or Am I Awesome?

Mar 7, 2010

Yowza - you didn't just edge him out, you blew him outta the water! Definitely not polite when visiting another person's space...


(Of course, I'M the one to talk - accidentally filled up my buddy's board with my name, scores all in the high 660's, didn't even realize it was recording all of 'em until he said something )


Still, way to go, mighty impressive!

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Re: VG High Score: Glitch or Am I Awesome?

Mar 7, 2010

You go, Heather.  Congrats.

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Re: VG High Score: Glitch or Am I Awesome?

Mar 7, 2010

Evil Heather! 

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Re: VG High Score: Glitch or Am I Awesome?

Mar 8, 2010


HeatherShow wrote:

My friend MrDiamond was kind enough to invite me over to his Villain's Lair tonight so I could play Village Griefer. I wanted to kill off enough villagers to earn that gorgeous diamond freebie (I'm a girl, what can say? I wanted that diamond!) I'd never played the game before, so I was nervous about taking a long time to get used to the controls, possibly taking so long that I'd waste poor Mr D's time.

Well. I didn't waste his time. But I did accidentally take over the top spot of his High Score board. After only playing the game five times.




And I still have no clue how I did it exactly. Check it out.


Me with my insanely high Village Griefer score. Click to englarge.

Click here to enlarge image.


That's right, 3,172 kills. And the weirdest part was, that's not what the final score was when I was still in the game. I swear on my life, that when the game ended, it was over 5000. I don't know how it arrived at 3172, but still, pretty dang impressive, eh?


I still don't know exactly what I did. Literally, just before the volcano went off, I was disappointed in myself, because I'd only gotten 210 kills. Then the lava started flowing and literally, all hell broke loose. People and houses started racking up at insane speeds, ultimately totalling well over 5000. But I didn't get credit for that.


Not that I'm complaining, though!! I'm just left to wonder, was it a glitch, or am I just that freaking awesome? Hehe.


The only thing I can think of that I might have done to actually deserve this, is that I did have a huge number of villagers out in the open when the volano went off. I was hitting as many of those enticement thingies as I possibly could!


So, is it a glitch or am I totally freaking awesome? Hehe. I'd love to know either way, cause I'm sure the developers would like to know if there's a glitch in the game.

And of course, I'd like to know if I'm really totally freaking awesome!


What about you? What's your high score? And remember, pics or it didn't happen!


Huge thanks to Mr D for letting me borrow his villain's lair! Sorry again about taking away the top spot on your leaderboard... I didn't mean to!

I got my diamond, though! YAY, sparklies!!! :-D






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