May 31 2013
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Unscheduled Maintenance?

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Whats going on with PSN today? Getting error code (80023017) when trying to access the store or account management.


If theres unscheduled maintenance going on today, can I please get a link to the source? Any info at all would be nice. 


I dont see this being discussed anywhere over at the support forums, general forums or off topic go ahead and move my thread where it needs to be, but I would still like some answers, please. 


Thank You. 

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Re: Unscheduled Maintenance?

May 31, 2013
I've been disconnecting like a mo-fo all week. Not sure what's going on but hope they sort it out soon.

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Re: Unscheduled Maintenance?

May 31, 2013

I've noticed that I've had to try several times to just log in to PSN. Sometimes disconnecting too. Problems joining Group in Home at times, though that might be connected to the ongoing issues at Acorn Park. Smiley Sad

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