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[US] PSHome Blog Post: 09/03/2013

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Let's the list, begin! also you can check the blog here:



  • Coming Out Of x7 This Week:

nDreams’ Retro Animations, MegaStar Podium and Masquerade Ball Club House, Lockwood’s Rollerskates LMOs, Juggernaut’s Culinary Adventure Pack, HD Guns, LOOT RadioIO, VEEMEE’s Catered Dining, Undead Animals and Morphsuit updates.


  • VEEMEE - Content Update



  • VEEMEE 3D Printer Update

PlayStation Home Update 9-4-2013


  • Lockwood - Big Eyed Owl Hats (should be more accoring to LKWD content update)
  • Game Mechanics - Ultimate Racing Bundle

Another deal from Game Mechanics this week. Twenty four items in one bundle. This includes the stock cars, the Start/Finish Gate, the big Tire Wall Clock and the Race Car Desk. In addition they have updated three of their items – the Steering wheel Clock went from 3 slots to 2, the Tire Wall Clock went from 3 slots to 1, and the Start/Finish gate now keeps time accurate to the 1/100th of a second. The updates are free to anyone who already owns the items. It seems Game Mechanics has included more low slot, high cool factor magic in this week release.


  • O-TWO - Peakvox Kirin Kabuto


  • X7 VIP Update

Those with access to x7’s VIP store can pick up nDreams’ newest Box Beats, Lockwood’s massive Drop Science line, VEEMEE’s Cyborg LMO set, or choose from their Billabong, Footwear and Morphsuit updates. Lockwood also offers VIP members early access to September Dresses.


  • Virtual Item Showcase Vol. 103



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Re: [US] PSHome Blog Post: 09/03/2013

Sep 4, 2013
I wish the N Dreams nightclub was a public space instead!
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Re: [US] PSHome Blog Post: 09/03/2013

Sep 4, 2013

Just replaced the incorrect link with the correct one. 


sorry about that didn't notice it. copy and paste error

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