May 02 2007
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**UNOFFICIAL**Corprate Buisnesses In Home?!?

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Corparate Buisnesses In Home?
Popular Chain Stores:
-Best Buy
-Modell's Sporting Goods
-**bleep**'s Sporting Goods
Popular Gameing Shops:

Popular Hardware Stores:
-Bed, Bath, And Beyond
~~~~~~~Many Others~~~~~~Many Others~~~~~~Many Others~~~~~MAny Others~~~~~~~Many Others~
So What do you Guys think about these Corprate buisnesses being uplinked into home so we can purchase, view, and pre-order games, merchandise, hardware, or other accessories. I think it is an easy prossess to ask a corporation if they would like to buy/rent  "land" on Home (much like a corprate buissnes rents/buys land to build their store)...So that people who own Playstation3 and have home can access their virtual store easily through home. If i owned a buisness i would think this would be a great buissness plan to offer a comapny because most people who own ps3's will go on home almost everyday and this way they would be advertising their merchandise on home...instead of paying millions of dollars to put a sticker on a NASCAR vehicle pay a small fee made up by sony to advertise you product on Home. What do you guys think?

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Re: "Unoffical" Corprate Buisnesses In Home.

May 2, 2007
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