Jun 17 2013
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[Trivia on Home] Brainiac Challenge[CLOSED]

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Welcome to the HomeBrainiac Thread!  The place where knowledge will pack snacks in stacks!

     Hello Friends,


     Welcome!  Bambi-01us, Steven1230 and a few PlayStation MVPs (Home Team) are inviting you to take part in our Home Brainiac Challenge right here on the forums.  The winner will earn a fancy new forum rank, Signature, and Exclusive PlayStation Home Virtual Item that @AtomRepublic helped put in Home for us.


What is the Brainiac Challenge:

  • The quiz form will be live for 24 hours.
  • When the quiz becomes open it will be posted on Monday's at 9pm ET, 8pm CT, 6pm PT
  • The Challenge questions are asking about PlayStation Home, PlayStation Home Forums, Items, etc!


  • The first member to successfully answer all questions correctly, or the first member to get the best score (If there is not a perfect score) during the time the form is live (24hrs), he/she will become the next HomeBrainiac and rewards will be given to the winner.
  • Even though you could submit more than one time, ONLY the first submission (from the same user ID) is counted.  Any after the first will be overlooked.

Rewards (In Spoiler tag)


Forum Rank (Reward For winner)

     The Forum rank created is a special and temporary status update on the forums.  If you are the announced winner the forum rank title will be "HomeBrainiacs" and the icon will change (picture below).  Please allow 24 - 48 hours for your rank to change here on the forums.  This Forum Rank is set to the winner by default.




Can I win more than 1 time?

     No, once you win the Home Brainiac Challenge that would make you a Home Brainiac.  Once a Home Brainiac Aways a Home Brainiac!  The Home Brainiac PlayStation Home item can only be redeemed one time for the winning account.


Home Brainiac Brain **ANIMATED** (Reward For Winner)

     This reward Item will be exclusive for the PlayStation Home Community Members that win the Home Brainiac Challenge (ONLY one winner a week).  Big thanks @AtomRepublic for making the item happen on PlayStation Home!



NOTE:  The Home Brainiac Brain item will be handed out after the Forum Rank is changed.  Thank you @AtomRepublic 


Home Brainiac Jacket - (Reward For Community)

     This reward item is for the PlayStation Home Community!

BIG Thank You to @AtomRepublic  for making this happen!









 Home Brainiac Winners in order (1 = first winner) **Forum Challenge**

    **Forum Challenge Winners**
  3. AbysmalDawna
  4. King_xO-AsSaSSin
  5. al2009man
  6. Digitman3
  7. Asuka424
  8. Delicious_Darla
  9. Shinra_Soldier7
  10. Myalana
  11. Justinyou
  13. smokingpistol
  14. Un0-0n3unique
  15. StardustChampion
  16. Jem__is_my__Name
  17. sam_reynoldsUS
  18. GreyNeo
  19. Miss_Ann_Thrope
  20. LAdriven25
  21. goddessbunny42
  22. magicmix13
  25. Ren_Echo
  26. torag365
  27. Your_Empress
  28. xfisticuffsx
  29. Boomer_3_14_15_9
  30. fatkat01
  31. ninjato-666
  32. That_New_Gamer
  33. darkchun-li
  34. OMGxitsLiZZE
  35. xSanta_Clausx
  36. Midnight_Secrets
  37. Captain_Crunch41
  38. Akina8373
  39. Sciotoan68

Winners of the 1st Annual Home Brainiac Anniversary by order (1 = first winner)

  1. xlr8life - rewared forum rank and Brain Item
  2. TSUNADE1224 - rewared forum rank and Brain Item
  3. odaat8903 - rewared forum rank and Brain Item
  4. barb68koza - rewared forum rank and Brain Item
  5. Mercenary09 - PlayStation MVP
  6. Pokemon_Mew_24 - PlayStation MVP
  7. Gillberg - rewared forum rank and Brain Item
  8. jusDdog - rewared forum rank and Brain Item
  9. Lizette_Karen - rewared forum rank and Brain Item
  10. Spartaxoxo - rewared forum rank and Brain Item

A little history 



     The Home Brainiac Challenge was created on July 1st, 2013.  There have been 36 winners since the Brainiac Challenge went live.  AtomRepublic became involved near end of July in 2013 by making the animated brain item.  The project has been with the PlayStation Home Community for ONE year.  In the projects 1st year, the PlayStation MVP Home Guides created challenging questions about PlayStation Home; the first member to successfully answer all questions correctly won an exclusive Brainiac Brain item and a rank on the PlayStation Community forums called Home Brainiacs.  With the project growing steven1230 and I (Bambi-01us) created signature templates exclusively for the winners of the Challenge.  However, those have been engadge into abate mode for now.




     With help from the PlayStation Home Community, The PlayStation MVP Home Guides, and AtomRepublic, the project has been able to remedy constructive ideas to combat the concerns brought to light.  Many changes have been made and there is more to come!  With the Anniversary party at our door step, AtomRepublic became involved again by making the project a Brainiacs Biker Jacket not limited to winners.  The Project made a single code for female and a single code for male avatars.




Need an idea with the quiz process? Click the Spoiler!






Thanks to all the dedicated PlayStation MVPs and
the entire Home Community for their dedicated feedback & Participation.
PlayStation Home Guides - PlayStation® Community Forums
Thanks to @steven1230 for creating the Home Brainiac Robot.
Follow steven1230 for twitter feeds  @PSN_steven1230

Follow on Twitter @AtomRepublic

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Re: [Trivia on Home] Home Trivia Challenge

Jun 17, 2013

That's awesome Bambi! Smiley Happy

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Re: [Trivia on Home] Home Trivia Challenge

Jun 17, 2013

Nice to see the home forums will have trivia as well other parts of the forums have trivias as well that gives customs ranks 


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Re: [Trivia on Home] Home Trivia Challenge

Jun 17, 2013
This is for entertainment purposes and those who want to participate feel free if you don't that's ok too just don't ruin it with your negativity.
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Re: [Trivia on Home] Home Trivia Challenge

Jun 17, 2013

Cool@@ I'm so going to win this challenge, Smiley Tongue

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Re: [Trivia on Home] Home Trivia Challenge

Jun 17, 2013

I'm terrible at Trivia but it will be interesting to see the questions. 

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Re: [Trivia on Home] Home Trivia Challenge

Jun 17, 2013

Cool! I love me some trivia!

Antonio Xul
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Re: [Trivia on Home] Home Trivia Challenge

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Jun 17, 2013

Having a custom forum rank is pretty awesome. I'll be at work and probably won't get a chance to participate before someone wins, so good luck to everyone that competes in the Challenge!

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Re: [Trivia on Home] Home Trivia Challenge

Jun 17, 2013
Oh god what a time to be moving. Smiley Sad

Awesome idea thanks for doing this!
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Re: [Trivia on Home] Home Trivia Challenge

Jun 17, 2013
Hahah!! This is most exciting!! What a wonderful idea!! Kudos all day great to see something like this initiated! Best of luck to everyone. I'm looking forward to this. (applause emote followed by cheer) yay!!
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