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Jun 23, 2013

Wow, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to post a reply to this thread. I’m not as active on these forums except for when I used to post to the LFR thread, but I know I definitely wanted to post something here to pay tribute to someone who has done so much for the PlayStation Home Community which we have all come to love and whose name has become synonymous with PS Home.  I did send a few tweets to Cade last weekend to thank him and wish him well, but those of you who know me know how garrulous I can be, and that I couldn’t possibly say all I wanted to in 140 character posts.  There is so much I wanted to say and I’ve needed time to collect and organize my thoughts as not to ramble on as I often do, so I apologize in advance if my words seem scattered instead of a single stream of consciousness.


Hmmm, where to begin?  When I started using PS Home back in 2008, I knew who Glasswalls was, but I didn’t really know him yet. The first time I actually met him on PS Home was at a premier of PS Talent’s Spotlight 2.0 back in 2011:

PST Spotlight 2.0 Premier with GlassWalls

My avatar was of course dressed all in PINK (my favorite color lol) and I’ll always remember seeing his signature PINK hair and cane for the first time. I saw him a few other times on Home here and there while visiting various friends, but here is my favorite pic with him on Home, which was at another PST premier that same year for Spotlight 3.1:

PST Spotlight 3.1 Premier with GlassWalls

 It was my debut on the silver screen of the PS Home Community Theater and it was great to see him there to share the moment. Smiley Happy


As we are all real people behind our PS Home avatars, I actually got to know Glasswalls aka Cade Peterson more as a person on Twitter and Google+.  In addition to being the Community Manager of PS Home, I quickly learned that he is truly one of the most unique and interesting individuals I have ever met.  He is extremely well traveled and it has always been fun to play the “Where In The World is Cade?” game with him. I love sharing his adventures and living vicariously through him as he visits the coolest places with the best dining experiences too.   Also, if I am ever in San Francisco, I now have a long list of places to check out based on his recommendations. When chatting with Cade, we never really talked about PS Home because since I knew that was his job, I figured he got an earful about that all the time from everyone, even though I know he is passionate about his work and has put a lot into it.  It has been an honor to get to know the person behind the avatar.  Here is one of my favorite pics of Cade at the Boardwalk arcade in Santa Cruz next to a video game called ultracade. His name is just perfect for gaming and he even told me they called him ArCade at work lol Smiley LOL



Of course, in addition to being such an awesome person, I think Cade has been a great Community Manager for PS Home.  With such a diverse community, it is impossible to please everyone, but I think he has always kept everyone’s best interests in mind.  He had a very tough job and was faced with difficult decisions all the time and not many people can do what he did for us.  Like anyone in his position, he encountered criticism, but I have seen him handle it all with class and grace.  Regardless of differences in opinion by members of the PS Home Community, I know he will be greatly missed as a member of the PS Home Community Management Team.


As part of managing the PlayStation Home Community, Cade has shown his dedication and support to many of us in our various endeavors such as those of you who tried out for the Tester, including our very own Asuka, who managed to get on the show.  Personally, I will never forget the support that Cade gave me when I entered the Maxim Gamer Girl contest last year (  It is a testament to how much he cares about all that we do and how he sets an example for us to support each other, which I hope will continue even without him as our Community Manager.


In addition to managing the PS Home Community, Cade has shown great support for Sony and the entire gaming industry.  I love that he is an avid gamer and one of my fondest gaming memories was playing Mod Nation Racers with him and several others as part of the gaming marathon for Extra Life 2011. That was a blast and it was funny when he kept apologizing for bumping me off the track even though that is just part of the game lol. Extra Life ( is a children’s charity close to my heart that is supported by the gaming community and I am thankful for Cade’s participation and support of it ( Also, many of us have followed Cade’s travels to E3 where he has represented Sony and I still hope to see him there one day!  Here’s one of my favorite pics of him at E3 last year:



All that being said, even though Cade aka Glasswalls will no longer be our Community Manager, I would like to think we can still keep in touch with him.  He is always just one Tweet away.  So instead of saying goodbye, I would rather say good luck to him in his future endeavors, wherever that may take him.  Looks like he will be headed to China soon and pursuing an MBA which is totally awesome! Smiley Happy


I would like to close this post with a series of pics and a video to pay tribute to an all-around great guy, Cade Peterson aka Glasswalls! ^__^


Last year, the members of Club Incognito (one of the clubs I’m in) dressed up like Glasswalls (and me as his alternate girl avatar, Angel) to make this birthday card for him:


If you look closely, you can see all of us in our PINK hair lol. Sophronia knew how to make his avatars and gave us all the settings to use Smiley Happy


As part of Community Management Appreciation Day, Jersquall made this awesome montage:


I have to also include one of the pics Photoshop'd by Jers because it’s just too cute! Smiley Happy



For Community Management Appreciation Day this year, I created this video of Cade using an iPhone app called Gangnam Dance Booth. He had told me previously that he didn't really like that song, but this did make him laugh and now this song is kind of growing on him I think lol Smiley LOL


Now we all know about Cade’s pink hair and I have always been jealous how he could pull off that look so well.  Presenting the CADEinator…



So I’m posting this pic made of me by the “Save the Ta-Ta’s Foundation” for making a donation to support BCAM 2011 just for Cade. Many of you know that I color my hair a lot, so maybe one day, I will actually look like this and when I do, Cade will be the first to know! Smiley Happy



But until then, I’ll rock that PINK hair on PS Home in the name of the great Cade Peterson! Smiley Happy





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