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Re: Tribute/ Goodbye Glasswalls

Jun 14, 2013

I have no personal stories to share, as every time I ever encountered GW, he was AFK or just leaving, lol.


I will say that it seems a bit sudden and unexpected, and I wish him nothing but the best in the future.

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Re: Tribute/ Goodbye Glasswalls

Jun 14, 2013

We should throw a Goodbye GlassWalls party in his honor. We can all dress up as him with his trademark pink hair and bunny ears xD

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Re: Tribute/ Goodbye Glasswalls

Jun 14, 2013

Shocking news i wish Cade the best in whatever he will do next he will be missed


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Re: Tribute/ Goodbye Glasswalls

Jun 14, 2013
Best of luck to him, it's always been a pleasure speaking with him. I read a bunch of his tweets this past week during E3, and i'm happy to see that despite his departure, for whatever reason, he's one of us.
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Re: Tribute/ Goodbye Glasswalls

Jun 14, 2013


Way back in the day we decided to have a application test for the HCV page


I sent him a application alright Smiley Very Happy




Why do you want to become a Home Community Volunteer?


I heard a bunch of rogue picories are taking over central plaza and I want to volunteer to fight the good fight!!


How long have you been using Home?


About 1 hours and 16 minutes before stoppin by here. Why?


Are you more of an outgoing people person or more of wall flower?

Have you made friends in Home already?


Dad said I was the flower of the family. Whats a Blooming idiot?

I have a friend name Cletis he runs a Fav-O-Tism blog!


Do you have more friends in real life or in Home? Do some of these overlap? Which do you prefer?


<counts on fingers> <Mumbles something uninteligable>


Describe your most embarrassing moment or experience (in real life or in Home). How did you handle that?


Ohh... Sure.. I tell you and you tell the guy in the next cubicle!!

testing testing.. Is this thing on?


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Re: Tribute/ Goodbye Glasswalls

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Jun 14, 2013

Farewell Cade, you have always been kind to us. Keep being awesome as the world needs more people like you. Thanks for all those years in keeping us up to date and helping keep things running smoothly.


Good luck in whatever you decide to do next, have fun and don't forget about us in your adventures!

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Re: Tribute/ Goodbye Glasswalls

Jun 14, 2013
I never was fortunate enough to chat with him in Home, and the only time I bumped into him and tried to say 'Hello', 'Where are you from?', and he happened to be AFK.

But thankyou Cade for all your efforts over the years, and best wishes and good luck for the future.

Enjoy your travels, you deserve them.

Take Care,
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Re: Tribute/ Goodbye Glasswalls

Jun 14, 2013
Cade was certainly a great community manager who did his job well even under all the pressure I'm sure he had to endure and was always very friendly to the community.

It's going to be very unfortunate to see him go, I hope he enjoys what he's going to be doing now though and that his travels go well.
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Re: Tribute/ Goodbye Glasswalls

Jun 14, 2013
My favorite memory of Glass was during the Xi VLR fishhead party. all of VLR was in the mall with our fish hats on when Glass started ghost talking and finally Amir29 talked him into joining us. It was fun. Those where the golden days of Home. They are now bitter sweet memories. Mods cant even do stuff like that anymore. This is indeed sad. I want Glass to know that im eating a pizza topped with Werthers just for him! He will know what that means if he reads this post.
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Re: Tribute/ Goodbye Glasswalls

Jun 14, 2013

hopefully whomever comes in to take the position makes monthly suggestion threads, feedback threads, and doesn't hide in the shadows. on alot of websites mods don't just sit back in the shadows, they actually get involved with the community. they ost oinions in threads and chat, not just "police" whats right and wrong and lok threads. thats the problem here. while i don't think GW was available as much as i think he should have been, i do realise hes just one man(or 2 if you count his alter ego lol). bottom line , whomever takes the job needs to do no less and become apart of the community as should the other mods. hiding in the shadows is not what these forums need. GOODBYE Glasswalls or cade or whoever you are , you will be missedcrying_girl2072.gif

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