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Re: Tribute/Glasswalls -Cade replies #166

Jun 15, 2013

Legendary_Vicki wrote:

Who are we going to shout at now if the blog isn't updated in time? Smiley Sad




Lol only kidding Smiley Tongue

You's your turn to take the blame Smiley Happy

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Re: Tribute/Glasswalls -Cade replies #166

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Jun 16, 2013

I have to commend Cade for taking the time to post here one more time. It goes to show he still cares about the Home community and will always be there for us from time to time no matter what happens to him.


Though, I want to wish him the best in Shengai, China and on the rest of his future endeavors. I also want to give him a special thanks for encouraging me to participate in the Home forums a lot more often than before.


It's surprising and interesting at the same time to see his real life photo with him having his signature pink hair when he arrived in E3. 


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Re: Tribute/ Goodbye Glasswalls

Jun 15, 2013

CadeRageous wrote:

rramsdell wrote:

Huge party @ my club, in his  honor. Party time! Kicking it here!!!


Hello everyone! It's me, Cade, AKA GlassWalls on my personal account. Yes, I've lived a double life all these years, but this explains why poor Glass only had a handful of trophies, hahaha...


Wow, I am so overwhelmed from your sweet posts, sharing little tidbits of history here and there, plus all the kind wishes. I've been trying to read through the tons of posts, and I'm still not quite done yet!


First off—it's been such a pleasure having had this opportunity to work with and for you all these years (almost half a decade!). I've seen Home grow up right before my eyes, from a humble beginning in the closed beta days through many platform updates and even more content updates, it's become this vast, rich world, full of the most amazing people, content and games. There really is no other place like Home. 


I dug up my original blog icon to share if anyone wants to see it blown up:



If you have any more pics or video, please continue to share those here as I really love seeing them too. It's amazing the content that is readily available to us these days. Also, if anyone can find the original link, my favorite tune that reminds me of Home is the original trailer for it. 



As for my silence over the past week, the timing of me leaving was not ideal (pre-E3 and all), but do know this—it has nothing to do with PS4, PS Home or PS3 concerns at all. It's just ill-timed, and you'll have to trust me on that. My last special act was posting this year's Virtual E3 booth announcement, and talk about a high note to go out on! I hope you all have jumped into the booth and had a great time. The production team really knocked it out of the park this year, and it shows. It's really a special year for PlayStation.


Meanwhile, if anyone does throw any fun parties, I fully expect pink hair to be rocked and bunny ears if you got 'em! PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN (please share them in here!).


Finally, if you want to keep up on my new adventures, I have a few public accounts you can check out:






Ok, that's about it! I'll keep an eye on ya, though not in any official capacity anymore. Please continue to be good to each other, and thank you for having been with me on this journey. It's been a very special part of my life, and I am so grateful to have been here. This community and it's overall unique "personality," if you will, is a very vibrant and special one that I'm proud to have helped manage all these years. You guys are the best one out there, so supportive and helpful, playful and creative. And you can always kick my butt in any game I've ever played, srsly!. Smiley Very Happy But I'm always going to keep playing with you anyway. 


I've had such a great time with you and with PlayStation. I am not good with goodbyes, so let's just say it's more of a, "See you later!" as I'll pop into Home from time to time. 




Best of luck in your future, Cade! Smiley Happy

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Re: Tribute/Glasswalls -Cade replies #166

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Jun 15, 2013

It seems I only come back into the forums for these farewell posts...


Anyway while its sad to see arguably the largest figurehead of Home move on, it is also exciting to know that something else will benefit from the dedication and skillset that Glass has.


Home would have been a very different place had it not been for Glass, his time as head mod and community manger have shaped the platform in ways no one likely has a full grasp on other then Glass. 


So thanks for the years of service Glass, and good luck in your future endeavors. 


Also the shirt. That Home shirt remains my favorite thing ever  Smiley Happy 


As a tribute, the following I think is the single oldest picture I have of Mr Walls, back when he frequented us as Ms Walls in 2009. (I feel old) 


Glass Female 1.jpg

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Re: Tribute/ Goodbye Glasswalls

Jun 15, 2013

GlassWalls n' Us!.jpg


     I just want to say that it was an honor to work, and learn from you.  One thing that still makes me never forget you is that pink hair and that attitude of yours like "Kill w/ Kindness".  Where did the time go?  Just about 5 years later and it comes to this.  I'll be talking to you on Twitter or PSN like I usually do.  Good luck on your journey, and be safe.  China is a nice country and they have very nice people over there.  I'm sure your next skill set will bring a lot of light to the table.  You sure brought a lot of light to the PlayStation Community.


     There are so many stories I can talk about and I'll just detail one in basic form.  I remember one event and it was held at the Bowling Alley.  The Sony Officials were there such as you, and Mate.  Well I happen to ask you to play me a game of bowling.  I got lucky you said yes to me, because EVERYONE was bugging you to join them!  So anyway, we play and I get like strike after strike and you're like, "Whoa".  That's all you really said.  I don't know why, but I was laughing so hard and it wasn't because I was winning.  Now I now that answer to that day.  You bring joy to me when you're around.  It's the attitude you carry with yourself and share with others.  You're my buddy, Cade.


     I know I've said my goodluck posts on here to others in the past.  I just never thought I'd be doing something like this on the world wide web.  The people I've met on here and the light I see in people made me do this sort of thing.  Anyway, I just want to thank you for everything that you've done for me in the past, Cade.  I hope I was able to at least keep you on your toes at times. >:-)  Goodness, I'm going to say that it's been a pleasure working with you.  <hugs>I hope the best for your next journey, and talk to you on the funz of twitter!</hugs>

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Re: Tribute/ Goodbye Glasswalls

Jun 15, 2013

Cade wrote:


I've had such a great time with you and with PlayStation. I am not good with goodbyes, so let's just say it's more of a, "See you later!" as I'll pop into Home from time to time. 




It will be *very* difficult for Sony to find someone to take over your role, Cade.  The passion n tolerance you exemplified throughout the years in your work while on n off the clock is *rare* to find in those seeking management of anything.


May your passion continue for the rest of your life in anything n everything you do.  Such passion is a key to happiness, n you brought that spirit to Playstation Home, while being a leader in understanding the ever so importance of tolerance n reflection among ourselves within the community.  It takes an incrdible strength to adhere to corporate rules while maintaining the human connection.  You did that, and much more for Playstation Home, n the entire community.


Rare people such as yourself are like a gem in a sea of chaos.  Good luck to Sony in capturing another gem. 


I spoke with you in the theater long ago, you may not remember, as it was an alternate account of mine.  

You were in the Home theater reviewing your videos, making sure they were playing correctly.  Many would have someone else do that, but you, Cade, were doing it yourself.  That is a small but important example of your care.


We will miss you Cade.


Until we meet again, much love Heart


Sincerely, Missy Cx



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Re: Tribute/Glasswalls -Cade replies #166

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Jun 15, 2013

Cade dm'd me on twitter Tuesday after I asked either him or tempest if there was a home update that night or if the e3 launch was it. Honestly ever since reading it I've been in disbelief. I've never had any issues with him, aside from the never addressed missing Male Hockey Pants, besides that he was helpful to me when it was needed.

There was a point in time I did agree there was favoritism and some people/groups/etc got more attention from him than others. But as I saw him a few times in home, my attitude changed and I saw him as one that truely cared about the community in the long run. I even applauded him for pretty much flat out telling it like it is and standing up for himself, those kind of people I give respect too.

It's sad to see him go, and hopefully whomever takes over, if anyone does, will do just as good of a job as Cade did. I wish him well with his "quest for knowledge", maybe in a few years we'll see games at E3 by GlassWalls Ent.! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Tribute/Glasswalls -Cade replies #166

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Jun 23, 2013
Well this just makes me worry even more about the future or lack there of of playstation home. Why would they relieve the community manager if they was planning to continue supporting that community.. And why would he up and quit unless he knew there was nothing but disappointment ahead...

That said though even tho me and him never really mingled and it always seemed as if he would go out of his way to avoid me personally, I wish him well with where ever the man lands next.

Hopefully if they do refill his position they will realize he was filling the position of three men and thats why it got to this point.

Edit: lol thats either my most or least favorite kudo ever!
keeping my fingers crossed its for the second or third part and not the first. Because both those why scenarios suck.
Best wishes no matter what though.
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Re: Tribute/Glasswalls -Cade replies #166

Jun 15, 2013

Home.  What a wonderful world.

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Re: Tribute/ Goodbye Glasswalls

Jun 15, 2013

younginflavor18 wrote:

DCS-Tekken wrote:

Just goes to prove it that Home is indeed coming to an End!



But look like it's end is closer than we thought!   OHNO!



Just because GlassWalls left his job doesn't mean Home will come to an end, DCS. Home still has a few years left on the PS3 as long as production for the console is still running.

I was thinking that as well we have at least two more years... But now i'm getting a Bad feeling about it ending sooner than we are thinking.....




SHAME on SONY for making us HOMEless by Closing our PS HOME!
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