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Re: "ISE" and "Freezers"

Apr 24, 2013

MeIpoe_ wrote:

Freezers weren't the only ones to get permanently banned. People who merged non-freezing outfits did as well. Nobody is saying freezing is right, it's against the TOS, but so is exploiting items onto your account. Either items from our  region you should be paying for, or those that aren't licensed in our North American region. It's against policies and those who conduct these practices should be banned as well, since the moderators wanted to ban those who exploited by merging, freezing or speaking of the usage of programs, the item exploiters have it coming too. 



You can give  your two cents, but exploitation is exploitation and constitutes some form of punishment. 



And another thing, you make this thread to act as if I or others wish to bring people who ise down. This has nothing to do with that. The Home Moderators need to act within the Term of Service. They turned a blind eye to those who exploit items and decided to go after others. It's not some childish, opinionated game of "which is worse", it's about the moderators inforcing their rules and owning up to them, actually following their own rules they work under.

There you go again.


"exploitation is exploitation"


That is your whole argument.  And it's not even an argument.


It's like comparing aggravated assault to just plain assault.  They all fall under the heading of assault, but aggravated assault is the most serious kind, and as such, is punished more harshly.


Freezing is the most serious offence of Exploitation that can be performed on Home, and, as such, it has the maximum punishment.  Ise is no where near as serious.  As such, Sony can reserve the right to impose a lighter penalty, and they are completely justified in doing so.


As for the merging of non freezing items.  From Sony's perspective, you are guilty by association.


To Sony, wearing  merged items is the equivalent of threatening someone with a gun.  It may be loaded, it may not, but who wants to wait and find out.  You get busted anyway.




Sony doesn't have time to find every item combination that is and isn't safe.  You want to waive a gun around, you get taken down.


End of story.


Should there be some kind of punishment for ise offences?  Perhaps, but no one can make a cogent argument that it should be equivalent to the punishment for freezing. 

You haven't made one up to this point, and you won't make one after.









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Re: To Those Who Were Banned And Complain...

Apr 24, 2013

MeIpoe_ wrote:

Yeah, yeah. I know. Another topic about the banning. Look, I was permanently banned for the "exploitation of Home under it's TOS". I have many friends who were banned and for the most part they've taken it like adults. To those who haven't, please shut it. There are people who actually think they're victims in all this. It honestly blows my mind how stupid people are sometimes. "I was banned for just merging, not fair!" Oh give me a **bleep** break. Can you be this idiotic?  Is that really your excuse? 



Just stop complaining or acting as if you're some victim. You're not. You broke the rules and were punished. Wanna start getting into the justification of getting perma banned? Well don't, cause Home moderators made their decision so it's absolutely pointless.  Now, with that said, there is one thing I think people should look at in all this.  Those who have clearly exploited regional items weren't permanently banned. Now if you wish to complain about anything, complain about that. Not that you were wrongly banned, cause you weren't, but that the Home moderators showed favoritism towards a group of exploiters who do take up a large portion of Home and it's revenue. It's unprofessional of them to ban a few under the category of "exploitation" then turn a blind eye to others. It's not about which is worse, like I'm sure some will argue "Oh, but freezers are worse than regional item exploiters" and etc. 


The home moderators had to follow their Terms of Service during this banning, they chose to break their own rules and not put the hammer down on those who have clearly exploited items (regional ones, since it's 100%  proof that it's exploited onto the NA servers). Is favoritism illegal? No, the Home moderators can do whatever they want, but it is certainly unfair business practice and just unprofessional. 


Thank you! Finally, someone else sees it, too!

Not to be overly flattering, but you are now my hero, Mel. Smiley Happy

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Re: To Those Who Were Banned And Complain...

May 15, 2013

I find funny that mel was asking for there account to be ise and now asking for everyone doing to be banned that funny

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