Jun 30 2012
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Tired of Personal Graphics

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I come to forum for information and to read about stuff in Home etc.  I am very tired of all the obnoxious, cutesy, self aggrandizing graphics that I have to wade through to read stuff. Also a lot of times I might be eating while reading and I find a lot of these graphics are distasteful and disgusting to look at. Is it possible to somehow read the forum and block everyones graphics. They also waste so much space while scrolling and become repetitive especially when user has multiple posts on same subject. 

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Re: Tired of Personal Graphics

Jun 30, 2012
If you don't wish to view signatures, you can disable the option by going to "My Settings" at the top right, and then click the "Preferences" tab. The 4th option down is "View Signatures in Post" which is checked by default. Un-check it, then click "Save" at the bottom.

My Settings > Preferences > Preference Options
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Re: Tired of Personal Graphics

Jun 30, 2012

There is an option to block signatures in posts in you setting area. I don't believe there is a text only option for forum thread posts however.



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