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Re: Thursdays Update!

Aug 4, 2010


Animus_Requiem wrote:
A Tauntaun? I hate those things. I must have one to recreate the scene where Solo cuts it open.

at least its not an Ewok statue...


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Re: Thursdays Update!

Aug 4, 2010


mybro92 wrote:

the_original_se wrote:


KarateChampChad wrote:

mybro92 wrote:

I've got to get into this code hunt. So basically they give you the the codes and you have to put them in the correct order? Wonder what the furniture item will be, probably some kind of poster (saying Celebration 5 or something) but im hoping its something like an AT-AT you can sit on

Its a Tauntaun for your apartment, Locust_Star stated so in a reply to a post on the PS Blog


the fact that the code doesnt unlock a wall mounted "Han in carbonite" statue is fail.

i am disappoint, Home.


then again, such a thing could very well be in the LucasArts store tomorrow. ill put my disappoint on hold till then.

Having a wall mounted "Han in carbonite" would be cool to see, i mean it only makes sense to make that a part of Celebration 5 items.


On the one hand, I'd LOVE the limited-to-10,000-redeems item to be something like a "Han In Carbonite" setup, 'cause that's a really perfect way to celebrate the movie...


...but on the other, I'd HATE it if I wasn't able to get it, lol, which makes me hope that particular item comes into sale at the Mall, and the code gets us something else.


Incidentally, I'd rather Han be an ornament than wall-mounted, simply due to limited picture frame space...

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Re: Thursdays Update!

Aug 5, 2010

Wish they would add the hair and gloves for Juno Eclipse. Those of us who bought the costume the first time around have no way of getting that except buying the newer bundle. Which I'm not spending 2.99 or 3.99 on again.

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Re: Thursdays Update!

Aug 5, 2010

TAE1109 wrote:
Yes!!!! Ewok's...that wold be great!!

An Ewok village space would be WICKET!!!

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Re: Thursdays Update!

Aug 5, 2010

No Valor barracks then? hahahahaha!

Too bad no green sabers or darth vader...that would have been awesome

....Since star Wars unleashed 2 is coming how about ability to dual wield sabers Balck and Green hahaha!

(may ask that next month Smiley Wink)

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