May 02 2007
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Cant We all just get along on the threads? I was on here a couple years ago and remembered why i left them.  Everyone just makes fun of others.  Everyone was a noob at once. Everyone didn't know what was going on at once.  If this wasn't the case for you thats fine but keep it to yourself.  This thread is about HOME which all the talk right now is about HOME Beta so if you don't want to read peoples thoughts and curious ideas about Home and when its released then don't read them and find another forum.  Everyone is wondering about it and Everyone wants to beta test.  So if your here to complain about others threads just don't waist your on time.  Let everyone who likes finding out things about it or wondering do that.
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May 2, 2007
If you find users breaking the rules, or just flat out being rude to new users, report them immediately so we can deal with them.
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