Jun 08 2013
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Things I Wish Were Available In Home.........

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I wish there was a salvation army where I could donate unwanted purchases for tokens to buy other ppls unwanted items lol

There can be an option for purchasing tokens as well. You would get tokens based on the cost of the item, like a .99 cent item would be like 10 tokens, and a $5 item could be 100 tokens.


I would love a featured user apartment, where every week someones space is featured for tours. Must be nicely decorated, and every month ppl vote on who's apt is the nicest, and you would get a free item for winning or tokens.


I would also love a bowling alley space that I could buy, with blacklight bowling and glowing balls, you can sell the different balls seperately for use in the regular bowling or in your personal space. I would also like some team outfits for bowling. Not the ugly bowling outfit in costumes, like black and hot pink spandex for girls, something cute, and some cool guy outfits, not old man pants. You can buy a team name like a club for you and your friends.


It would also be super cool if ppl could get jobs on home to earn tokens or $$$ for purchases. They could be portable stores for sony merchandise like selling hot dogs in the hub, or clean up litter in meadows or midway (if there was litter) LOL


Last and not least, I would love to see a fight club where you can go somewhere and fight someones avatar with your own, like hand to hand combat.


That is all LOL Smiley Happy
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Re: Things I Wish Were Available In Home.........

Jun 8, 2013


Home is all about making revenue. Why would they give us the option to earn tokens or give us Home credit?

Don't think the legal team wants to re-write the ToS and take out "All sales are final and only stay on your account".

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Re: Things I Wish Were Available In Home.........

Jun 8, 2013
Ive been keeping my fingers crossed for a skating rink/arcade space for almost 3 years.. Sure would be nice to finally uncross them. We already got the skates why not have a space dedicated to them? Might sell more if there was one.
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