Dec 12 2008
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They put out a press release, I think it's not too much to ask...

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Okay, I totally get that Home is free, and that it's a "beta," and that first day troubles are to be expected (see: LittleBIGPlanet), but they put out a press release about this launch, and considering that some people used Home as one of the reasons for buying a PS3 in the first place, it isn't too much to ask that they either deliver on what they proudly and confidently announced to the world that they would, or at least issue some kind of statement apologizing for the delay, and advising us on when we can expect the problems to be fixed.


If they had simply announced it on the forums, or to certain gaming sites as a soft launch, and not to the world with a public Press Release, then I would understand people trying to shut down the complainers. If they had made it an optional download from the PS Store, and not automatically given everyone the Home iconin thier XMB's, then I could buy that this is really a "beta."


But this is supposed to be the fullfillment of the promise that Home will launch in 2008, and while it may be working for everyone in a few days (or even in a few hours), hiding behind the mantra "it's only a Beta" is no excuse for their silience on these troubles.


If they simply came out and said "whoops, try again tomorrow," I would be fully satisfied. If they took down the servers and lunched them again in a week, I would be happy, but as far as Sony Press Relations is concerned, Home is live and available, but we know that it isn't true.


C'mon Sony, step up and be grown-ups here. We will understand, but only if you intend to be honest and mature about it.

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Re: They put out a press release, I think it's not too much to ask...

Dec 12, 2008
I agree 100%.
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