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Re: There's still an Elephant in the room..been there for years now..

Nov 8, 2012

KarateChampChad wrote:
Do you guys remember the little cracker packets that came with the cheese and the little red swab sticks? Oh god those were so good Smiley Tongue

I do! What ever happened to those? Did a child swallow the stick, and they now are banned?

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Lombax Warrior
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Re: There's still an Elephant in the room..been there for years now..

Nov 8, 2012

see...all this is just proving why a open mic chat all through out Home is a bad thing and will not work.

if this one single thread has gona astray with the mention of words that shouldnt be said guess how Home would be if you gave anyone with a mic and no self control of what they care to say or care of who would hear it it?

and you keep saying" well then you would have the option to turn it off"...its not that someone would have that option...its the fact that someone shouldnt need to have that option.

people already find ways around the text censorship and makes it pretty easy to figure out what they are saying without their text bubble being full of stars.

even my 9 year old nephew new people were saying bad things one time he was watching me in Home.

take away the censorship by allowing open mic in all spaces and you mine as well just call PS  Home, PS Turd-hole ( and yes i toned down what i would really like to put there)


open mic is a great thing when the people who use it are responcable and use it properly and do not abuse.

but we all know that it would not be used properly if allowed on Home.

do you really want to go onto Home and from your tv speakers hear nothing but Fams fighting? people on their Troll accounts being punks just to be a punk? people trying to sexualy flirt and make Home into a sex chat room? every guy trying to hit on a female avi getting mad cause the person wont talk on mic and prove they are a female?

i can go on if wanted...but just try this, go into Hub (i wont even go into how it would be in other spaces like Godgather, Singstar, the beach...) and honestly stay and read what everyone is saying for at least a hour then imagine what it would sound like if there was uncensored voice chat instead of text...honestly tell me that it would be a good thing.



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