Jan 20 2013
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The beds

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How do I get the body pillow ? 

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Re: The beds

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Jan 20, 2013

BoLoGnE16 wrote:

How do I get the body pillow ? 

It is a daily reward for bed owners. You will normally get it after you get all 3 limited time rewards, but for some odd reason I got it on the first day.

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Re: The beds

Jan 20, 2013
I want it :/
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Re: The beds

Jan 20, 2013
Here the reward that somebody posted
StardustChampion (Sackboy)
Jan 16

Each day of the week corresponds to a specific bed.
Only one reward may be earned per day.
Guests must be in the same bed as the owner to receive the current reward.
The days begin counting from the date the owner purchases the bed.

Weekly schedule for rewards:

Mon, Wed, Fri Wooden bed
Tue, Thu, Sat Iron bed
Sun Chic bed

Rewards for Owners:

Day 1*
Plain Body Pillow Ornament
Day 2 Stuffed animal (cat) Ornament
Day 3 Pitcher Ornament
Day 4 Cushion (heart) Ornament
Day 5 Aroma Candle Light
Day 6 Plush Doll (dog) Ornament
Day 7 Yomikakeru novel Ornament
Day 8 Cushion (star) Ornament
Day 9 Stuffed animal (bear) Ornament
Day 10 Mini potted cactus Ornament
Day 11 Cushion (Monday) Ornament
Day 12 Eye Mask (M/F) Accessories (Face)
Day 13 Plush Doll (rabbit) Ornament
Day 14
Alarm Clock

Rewards for Guests:

Day 1*
Pitcher Ornament
Day 2
Cushion (heart) Ornament
Day 3
Scented Candle Light
Day 4
Stuffed animal (cat) Ornament
Day 5
Toothbrush & Cup

* Limited Time New Year's Rewards

The following special rewards are currently given before the standard reawrds:

Day 1 (Owner) Lucky Mount Fuji Hat (M/F) Accessories (Head)
Day 1 (Friends) Lucky Eggplant Stuffed Doll Ornament
Day 2 (Owner) Lucky Falcon**

** This reward may cause Home to crash.


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Re: The beds

Jan 20, 2013
I got my body pillow yesterday after I had received all three limited items (Mt. Fuji hat, lucky hawk, lucky eggplant). It unlocks two poses on the bed were you hug it ^_^
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