Jan 29 2013
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The activity board..

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How much will it cost us,The playstation home family to re connect Our activity board in Playstation Home.?


I ask because this feature is well needed in Home..


This is the only route for those that are not in the Playstation Home community theater, Yet..


We know how to keep it professional.. That what we all do..


Here is a money suggestion..


Charge one America dollar to who post, on the USA Playstation Home activity board.!


So this way.. everyone gets proper recognition.!


Its just good business and everyone wins.!


You the corporation gets extra income and we the family can handle our virtual parties, shows, events, clubhouse meetings,

etcetera... etcetera...  


Now i understand the corporation grievances..


This is why im making this pacific proposal..


Remember it takes, two hands to clap and two hands to wash your face..


recalculate and reconsider...


And please listen to the moderators..


They work more than the paycheck covers.!


If any of The Playstation Home family wish to add adult style feedback or recommendations.. please do.!


artform-fazeone for USA Playstation Home.!



Green Tribe.!



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Re: The activity board..

Jan 29, 2013
I think they could bring it back if they had someone approving content before it's posted. It may take up to 24 hours to have posts posted but it would be worth it.
And eventually, the ones that would abuse it would slowly give up trying to, which will lighten the burden on the approval process.
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Re: The activity board..

Jan 29, 2013
Event Board moderation would take a while, I don't know if any Moderation would want to put up with reveiwing so much.

I like the pay to use Idea though, it would be quite benificial if we could just pay one rate and get to use the board freely from there (of course still with one post per person until current post is expired) then you can post again. Cat Happy

This would be a great way to still have the activity board and keep it clean of any unnessesary content.
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I Only Post Everything
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Re: The activity board..

Jan 29, 2013
Or they could sell activity board tokens. Like 4 for $2.99
With each post costing a token.
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