May 20 2012
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The Official HomeStation Magazine (HSM) thread

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Aloha, Sony Home forum readers!



This is the official thread for all matters pertaining to HomeStation Magazine. As many of you know, HSM is a Sony-positive and Home-positive publication devoted to a mature and literate examination of Home and Sony gaming in general, with particular emphasis on the social aspects of Home.



HSM prides itself on producing unique and insightful stories about Home, with a new article published every single day. It has quickly established itself as a go-to spot for unique and interesting journalism which can't be found elsewhere. While HomeStation is far from the only fan publication out there, it looks to set itself apart by rigidly adhering to a level of quality on par with commercial publications, and catering to an audience that's looking for that level of product.



Many of this forum's most interesting voices have contributed to the pages of HomeStation; some have even decided to sign on with HSM as team members or guest contributors. As a publication which examines Home's social issues as well as its gaming attractions, it goes into territory rarely (if ever) examined.



It is our hope that this thread will be a resource for the Home community to stay up-to-speed on what's going on over at HSM. After all, this is a publication by the community and for the community, and we hope to be a resource which, like this forum, adds to your enjoyment of Home and your understanding of how this virtual world is created and maintained. Look for frequent updates and announcements to this thread from HSM team members!




On behalf of the entire HomeStation team,



Editor-in-Chief: Terra_Cide

Art Director: MJG74

Web Designer: Cubehouse

Editor: SealWyf

Editor: Estim20

Editor: BONZO

Editor Emeritus: HearItWow

Editor Emeritus: Jersquall

Editor Emeritus: Orion_NGC1976


Team Writer: Burbie52

Team Writer: cjmp


Team Writer: Kassadee Marie

Team Writer: KLCgame

Team Writer: Olivia_Allin

Team Writer: Phoenix

Team Writer: ted2112

Team Writer: xx96791DEATHxx


Machinimist: Godzprototype

Machinimist: homeboy79

Machinimist: mybro92

Machinimist: NuJin


Guest Contributor: deuce_for2

Guest Contributor: dragongscales

Guest Contributor: KrazyFace

Guest Contributor: McJorneil

Guest Contributor: RadiumEyes

Guest Contributor: tdarb



It is a pleasure to continue to serve the Home community, and we all look forward to entertaining you for a long time to come!


Mahalo nui loa,




Publisher, HomeStation Magazine


Twitter: @HomeStationMag




HSM now available on the LOOT EOD system in PlayStation Home!

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Re: The Official HomeStation Magazine (HSM) Thread

Aug 7, 2011

As part of the Podcast team I wanted to say welcome to the official Home Station Magazine thread!

Our Podcast is called "The Upload" The Podcast is about PlayStation Home and covers Home content, Events, Announcements and from time to time we have a guest join us.

Have a  listen to our latest Podcast and be sure to leave feedback on the HSM website or here. let us know what you think!


HomeStation Presents: The Upload, Episode #13

The Uploadis officially a teenager!

There are any number of Home podcasts out there; some of them are very enjoyable, providing insights, humor and details that are valuable for anyone who enjoys Home.

What makes The Upload so special, in my view, is that it approaches Home more from a social perspective than a gaming perspective. It’s the same approach we take with the website and the magazine, and as a result we usually veer into territory that you wouldn’t normally find in a Home discussion.

In this episode, you can enjoy the following discussions:

The AlphaZone4 redesign;

Scribble Shooter: the pricing strategy, the novelty, the gaming experience itself, and the social ripple effects;

Should virtual commodities have an FAQ prior to their release?

The loss of IREM, and the rise of Granzella;

The deployment of the UFC public space, and whether or not avatars should actually be allowed to fight;

Note to developers: make a hoverboard

The arguments for and against Home vigilantism;

And much more!

So: join Norse, Jersquall, Cubehouse and Terra_Cide as they dive once more into the vast playground of Home…

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Re: The Official HomeStation Magazine (HSM) Thread

Aug 7, 2011

I enjoy your magazine and I thought your the video wa =s awesome. Timfe to show that thing of in the PlayStation Store and on television.

The way you play the game is the way you live your life.

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Re: The Official HomeStation Magazine (HSM) Thread

Aug 7, 2011

Good Idea! Lets keep everything about your online magazine in one place

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Re: The Official HomeStation Magazine (HSM) Thread

Aug 7, 2011

Official welcomes! Good to see this thread.

The Homeling Collective have supported HSM since its infancy.

We proudly continue to do so.

All the best to the magazine and team

The Homeling Collective
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Re: The Official HomeStation Magazine (HSM) Thread

Aug 7, 2011

As HomeStation's Editor, I would like to take this brief moment to thank our readers and contributors for their support.

This is an awesome team to serve, and they just keep getting better and better.

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Re: The Official HomeStation Magazine (HSM) Thread

Aug 7, 2011

Thanks so much for providing this outlet for us Norse, it will become essential I think as people start to come here and give us their feedback on what we are trying to accomplish as a team. I hope we can all learn from this experience and continue to grow as a publication. Kudos to all of those involved in this wonderful adventure we are on and I hope that as it grows and thrives we do the same as people and as writers and production staff.

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Re: The Official HomeStation Magazine (HSM) Thread

Aug 8, 2011

Don't take this to mean that none of us will post on threads in here anymore.  It just means that announcements of exciting contests, new articles, parties, events, etc. being done by HSM and open to everyone will be in this thread.

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Re: The Official HomeStation Magazine (HSM) Thread

Aug 8, 2011

Many thanks to our supporters for their kind words regarding HSM! Two new stories have just been published:

Buying Real Estate in Home (written by Keara22HI) -- an examination of how to make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase a personal estate in Home, and how that might become easier in the future.

When A Troll Is Not A Troll (written by johneboy1970) -- a reminder that although we've all been trolled in Home, we need to take the high road and guard against having hair-trigger responses.

So, if you haven't yet checked out the HomeStation, come take a look and discover a literate, mature and evocative take on Home and Sony gaming!

Mahalo nui loa,


Editor-in-Chief, HomeStation Magazine

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Re: The Official HomeStation Magazine (HSM) Thread

Aug 9, 2011
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