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The Mansion Estate: An Owner's Guide

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This Thread is a work in progress. Feel free to suggest edits and/or improvements. Thanks to everyone for their contributions. Sorry for the missing images. They went missing with the forum migration. I'm trying to track down my originals.



The Mansion is an "Exclusives" Estate composed of four separate pieces, that must be bought separately:

  • Mansion 1st Floor
  • Mansion 2nd Floor
  • Mansion Infinity Pool
  • Mansion Garage




There is a variable pricing structure for purchasing the individual pieces:


   Piece          Price (USD)*

3rd & 4th

Always $4.99

(note: this means that if you received the Mansion Garage during the "Welcome Back" package in Summer 2011, you've already purchased your first piece and the remaining prices drop accordingly.) *Prices subject to change




Each piece of the Mansion comes with Items, some of which are "giftable" to visitors.


First Floor

  • Animated Gold China Cabinet*
  • Animated Gold Couch*
  • Gold Humpback Chest*
  • Gold Picture Frame (No Longer Available)
  • Gold Stagecoach Chest*
  • Mystery Key #1***
  • Gold Robe (Male)**
  • Gold Robe (Female)**

Second Floor

  • Gold Bed*
  • Gold Carpet*
  • Gold Desk*
  • Gold Monitor*
  • Gold Throne*
  • Mystery Key #3***
  • Gold Robe (Male)**
  • Gold Robe (Female)**

Infinity Pool

  • Animated Gold Money Tree*
  • Gold Boardshorts (Male)*
  • Gold Dragon Statue*
  • Gold Gargoyle Statue*
  • Gold Maillot Top (Female)*
  • Gold Maillot Bottom (Female)*
  • Gold Winged Chimera Statue*
  • Mystery Key #2***
  • Gold Robe (Male)**
  • Gold Robe (Female)**


  • Animated Gold Picture Frame (No Longer Available)
  • Gold Baleful Gargoyle Statue*
  • Gold Ghastly Gargoyle Statue*
  • Gold Suitcase*
  • Pot of Gold (Active Item)*
  • Gold Robe (Male)**
  • Gold Robe (Female)**


*Giftable to Visitors through Rewards Kiosk

**Rewarded Only Once (upon Purchase of First Mansion Piece)

***Not Automatically Rewarded / Must be discovered.



Spaces that have Bonus Unlocks for Mansion Owners.


Estate Bonuses

When you own three or more pieces of the Mansion, certain Personal Estates have Bonuses that unlock. These bonuses only appear in the Personal Estates and not in the Clubhouse Skin of estates offered in both.


Mansion Garage

Hidden throughout the other pieces of the Mansion are hidden car keys. Once found, these unlock a stationary car inside the Mansion garage that allows the Owner to interact with it by either starting the engine or honking the horn.

  • Hidden Mystery Key from Mansion, Floor 1 - Unlocks Garage Car #1
  • Hidden Mystery Key from Mansion, Floor 2 - Unlocks Garage Car #2
  • Hidden Mystery Key from Mansion, Infinity Pool - Unlocks Garage Car #3


Winter Villa

  • Unlocks Bonus "Jeep"


Tycoon Penthouse

  • Unlocks Bonus "Helicopter" on helicopter pad


Creek Falls

  • Unlocks Bonus "Hot Tub" on outside patio.


Nebulon Airship

  • Unlocks Bonus "Pilot's Chair" that can be toggled either On or Off via a command console.


Gothic Manor

  • Unlocks Bonus "Secret Room" under the stairs


Mount Olympus

  • Unlocks Bonus "Chariot"


French Chateau

  • Unlocks Bonus "Fountain" in courtyard pond.


Moon Forest

  • Unlocks Bonus "Shooting Stars" in the night's sky.


Plum Tree Pavilion

  • Unlocks Bonus "Koi Fish" in both outdoor & indoor ponds


Crystal Seashores

  • Unlocks Bonus "Floating Raft" in outdoor pool.




Public Space Bonuses


Theater Lobby

  • Unlocks Bonus "VIP Area" Behind the Velvet Rope


This bonus area also allows the Mansion owner to warp directly to their Mansion from the Theater Lobby.




x7 VIP Club

  • Access to the x7 VIP Club is granted to owners of any of the folllowing:
    • Mansion, First Floor
    • Mansion, Second Floor
    • Mansion, Infinity Pool
    • ...and other select content
  • Access to the VIP area within X7 is granted to visitors who own all of the following (or other select content):
    • Mansion, First Floor
    • Mansion, Second Floor
    • Mansion, Infinity Pool





**Promotional discounts are subject to change without notice**


Requires ownership of at least one Mansion piece (excluding Garage)



Wizard's DenFree
Lakeside Log Cabin$2.99
Summer House$2.99
City Penthouse$2.99


Item Bundles


100 Item Super Bundle$1.00
Colored Jewel Suit Bundle$14.99
100 Vacation-Themed Items Super Bundle$1.00
100 Furniture Items Super Bundle$1.00
Various x7 Bundles, Previews, and Free items


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