Jul 31 2014
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The Home Thank-You Thread

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I think a thread like this has been sorely missing from the Home forum, so here it is:


Is there some individual, or group, that you'd like to give public recognition to for something they've done for you, or someone else, that was above and beyond and helped someone out in some fashion, on Home, or the Home forums (Support included)?  Did someone's post in the forum help you find a new reward or accomplish some goal in Home?  Big or small, once or many times, is there someone who's done something you want to thank them for?


I think there are quite a few people that deserve to be publicly thanked for something they've done, whether it is one small act of selflessness, or some ongoing effort in which the entire Home community benefits.  


I'll start:


For a couple of years HearItWow spent his entire week putting together his weekly 5 minute production of HomeCast.  It was a lot of work and he did an awesome job at it.  For those of you that are newer, HomeCast was actually shown in the Home theater each week.  I always looked forward to it.  So thanks HearIt, your hard work was not unappreciated.


I'd like to thank Mya for not getting banned yet her input on the forums, from her astute posts, to her often wacky contests.  Thanks Mya, Home and the forums are a much better, and interesting, place with you in them.


Thanks Mur, for always helping everyone out, friends and strangers alike, and for just being the class act that you are.


Thanks Katsuune, one of my oldest Home friends, for those GZ gifts you sent me yesterday, much appreciated.


How about the MVP's, you know, the one's that actually deserve being MVP's?  Thanks guys, Stephie, Jo, Bambi, Steven and everybody that works so hard to keep Home fun and interesting, you guys rock.


The list could go on for pages, but I think I'll stop here, I'm sure you get the idea.  Almost my entire friends list could be mentioned here, but I have to stop somewhere.  Believe me, you're appreciated.


So who would you like to thank?  Smiley Happy  Dean 



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Re: The Home Thank-You Thread

Jul 31, 2014
I thank the developers for making such unique animations and clothes for this game without them this game wouldn't be as highly successful as it is.

I thank my friends for making this game so much fun to be on, and for new adventures everyday.

Thank you Sony for making Playstation Home, I've become addicted to it since 2009. Let's hope it lasts a long time. =)
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Re: The Home Thank-You Thread

Jul 31, 2014

You've made it pretty special for lots of people too Dean. I know I've enjoyed my time with you on Home. 

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Re: The Home Thank-You Thread

Jul 31, 2014
Great thread @Digitman3 There are so many people I would thank, not sure where to start without excluding someone. Would first second your thank you list. And then thank everyone who has contributed in a positive manner to Home and the Home forum.

A special thanks to you, Dean for seeing me through some rough early days on Home when I was recovering from brain surgery. And last but not least to all of you who provide a daily dose of humor.

Smiley Happy Mur
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Re: The Home Thank-You Thread

Jul 31, 2014
I wanna thank my friends, Granzella for their gift, Lockwood for reward system and Hellfire for being there Smiley Happy. Amazing companies!!
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Re: The Home Thank-You Thread

Jul 31, 2014

I'd like to thank StephieRawks, julie_love and Y2David for those parties they used to put together, of which I was able to attend a few and always had a good time at. I still wish I could have just made time to attend more of them.


Good thread Dean. You should be thanked as well for sharing and providing entertainment in your personal spaces to a whole lot of people, including myself. They were the best and most creative personal spaces that I ever saw in Home.


MsLiza had some real awesome personal spaces too--big thanks to her as well for the entertainment.


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Re: The Home Thank-You Thread

Jul 31, 2014

*note: posted from a different computer while my laptop is send to the company for fixing duties*


I'll thank everyone on this forums (especially Cake and @O_Mally) for being the nicest forum and even better than General and Off-topic.


and special thanks to PS Home for the last 5.7 years of enjoyment and feels. Smiley Happy

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Re: The Home Thank-You Thread

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Jul 31, 2014

Thank you to all my friends present, future and past. You have all made home a very fun place to be. To my friend who told me to try this crazy thing out. Devs who keep making stuff I want. To everyone on the forums who keep trying to make things better. Smiley Happy


A special thank you to stephie for being one of the first people I met on home who was nice.  You might not remember, but I won't forget it. I would have given up on home if not for that simple kind gesture. It gave me a reason to give home a second chance. Smiley Happy


Mace you make home so much fun with your easy going attitude, and great sense of humour. I'm always happy to see you. Smiley LOL


Jersquall I really don't know you at all, but you started the home photography thread that got me hooked on the forums. So it's your fault I'm here. Smiley Wink


D thank you for teaching me things i'm not suppose to know. Smiley Surprised


Robbie for just bieng you. Smiley Happy


Mya You do so much for so many, and never ask for anything in return. I'm just starting to get to know you. I hope we become good friends. Smiley Happy


Tom my oldest friend on home. Your killng me. Smiley Wink


Sony for making this freaking insane thing called home. It doesn't always work the way I want it. Makes me scream and rant at times, but I really love it. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: The Home Thank-You Thread

Jul 31, 2014 guys are making me feel all smooshy inside! I'll have to post specific names in a while, but for now, thanks to all my friends (old and new, listed and unlisted) who make Home fun! Also, thanks to the kind people who go out of their way to help others or enrich the Home experience by hosting fun events and contests, helping others earn rewards, sharing their creativity, sharing their closet via inspect, welcoming the new users, showing kindness to those who need it, or posting threads that are insightful, informative or interesting.

And thanks to the 3rd party devs who keep Home alive, for making cool stuff, listening to our wacky suggestions, and for providing the rarest of Home commodities: customer service!

(Um...believe it or not, that was the brief version! Smiley Tongue More to come!)

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Re: The Home Thank-You Thread

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Jul 31, 2014

PlayStation(R)Home Picture 03-19-2014 20-41-30.jpgI know you were going to fit me in I guess you ran out of ink. Glad you made such a nice thread.

I wish to thank Hellfire games.
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