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Re: The Home Thank-You Thread

Jul 31, 2014

Zeelot wrote:

Jersquall wrote:


 My list has been updated and most likely will be again and again. Just so many people!! I blame Dean!! Smiley Happy

You mentioned me twice lol i feel so honoredSmiley Tongue

You have that affect on us all, Z Smiley Very Happy

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Re: The Home Thank-You Thread

Aug 1, 2014

I'm surprised that nobody (actually, only one people did thank me) didn't thank me for trying to eat a cake and finding illuminati. and of course for being a much better Panda Sandwich than my brother. 





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Re: The Home Thank-You Thread

Aug 1, 2014

StephieRawks wrote:
Okay...the forums only give us 10 @ mentions at a time, and I'll be going way out of order and adding more people in future posts, but here we go!

@Digitman3 Thanks for making this thread! Thanks for being a good friend to me and helpful to everyone with stuff like the Mercian Guard, Orb Runner classes, tips for Casino and Cutthroats, being instrumental in getting Cutthroats fixed and sharing your super awesome spaces. Thanks for convincing a mutual friend to give me a second chance, even when you barely knew me at the really meant a lot to me. Thanks for thanking me? Smiley Tongue Thanks for ordering some koalas for my amusement in your white van with puppies and candy!

@Joanna_Dark_ Thanks for starting a female clothing revolution with LFR, and continuing to maintain it as a positive environment for the community to share their style after all these years. Thanks for being 1 of the first friendly forum regulars who'd stop to say hi to me (and chat for the longest time, because, well, we're both chatterboxes!) and for being 1 of my longest-standing friendships that originated on Home. Thanks for being a class act and role model, even when you were provoked purposely and often. Thanks for supporting my crazy ideas and attending events, even when you're so tired you fall asleep at the controller! :x

@drake21734 There are not enough words, even for someone who talks as much as I do. Thanks for being unfailingly kind, funny and just for being you! *Hugs* When I enact my evil plot to take over the world, you're the 1 I'd trust to lead my army of minions!

@julie_love & @Y2David Thanks for all the great Y2LoveRawks events (plus Y2LoveRawksOrne and PSHomeEvents) we threw together. Even though planning and hosting events on the scale we did was a lot of work sometimes, those events created some of my very best memories on Home...I hope that's true for others who attended too! David, thanks for being so patient with me at E3 2013 when I was just barely recovering from being so sick that I cracked a rib from coughing and could barely move, let alone take deep breaths for 3 months :x I know there was lots of cool stuff to see and so little time, but thanks for waiting anyway! Julie...thanks for hosting those weekly Welcome2Home events at the come back already so I can thank you for more stuff Smiley Tongue

@myalana You made a big splash the moment you arrived on the Home forum scene with your first Lame Contest and have continued to breathe life and fun into the forums ever since. Thanks for being fun and funny and secretly warm and smooshy inside and not-so-secretly pervy in the best way possible Smiley Tongue Ooh and thanks for taking the time to share your rare, removed and unreleased wardrobe with everyone! *Purrrrrs*

@Miss_Ann_Thrope & @anamri Thanks for all the fun games, events, contests and stuff you and others plan with TAM, A&D, LAIR, CoC, or just because! Tracie, thanks for giving others a shot at trivia, even though we all know we'd be thoroughly trounced by you if you participated!

@JulianMatisse Thanks for being helpful and welcoming and funny and GET OUT OF MY HEAD ALREADY!

@D-Nitrate Thanks for all the detailed guides and reviews and insightful, passionate, constructive feedback you provide on Home. Thanks for sharing your awesome spaces and all the impromptu gatherings that bring awesome people together. Thanks for being adorable and so many other things, but I'll stop here before I get in trouble for posting things I shouldn't Smiley Wink

Thank you for your kind words Stephie. You're pretty special too. Home has been lucky to have people like you as a part of it. Smiley Happy

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Re: The Home Thank-You Thread

Aug 1, 2014

Smiley HappyI wish to thank everyone thats helped out others here and on Home. Its always a great feeling seeing others helping out anyone with whatever and whenever they need it, either being there for someone going through hard times, or whatever the outcome. Its the thank you we should all remember. (this made more sense to me when I first thought of it, hope you get what I mean.)

a big thanks to all, keep helping out each other, this goes for the devs aswell with what they do aswell.

(sorry for rambleing on and on.)


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Re: The Home Thank-You Thread

Aug 1, 2014

Juggernaut Games @Jugbot_One for giving people what they wanted time and time again and getting 0 credit for it, all for free.  You may have moved on to better things, but you did it right and I know I'll miss you dearly.

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Re: The Home Thank-You Thread

Aug 1, 2014

Although I don't really know of many of you except for what I see you post, I'd just like to say thank you for keeping this forum active all this time. Even though we don't know the future of Home, atleast we stick together on here despite everyones' differences. 


Let's hope for a positive Home future for all of us!

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Re: The Home Thank-You Thread

Aug 2, 2014

There were good times so thanks for that and the good people and fun.

I hope if it ends, it ends well and with dignity.


In memory of Jody Westover and all those who fight or have fought cancer
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Re: The Home Thank-You Thread

Aug 3, 2014

I like to thank everyone on this fourms and ps home  that standed by me  and help me on ps home and the fourms before and when I become a playstion mvp. also like to to thank   @Jersquall   and @ Conrad_Max for also helping me out through pm's  too. I like to also thank  all the other mvps too that guided me and help me too.  also like to ty community mangers and playstion for making this app ps home for the commuity. your all rock.

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Re: The Home Thank-You Thread

Aug 4, 2014

Well, because my memory is so bad I could hide my own Easter eggs, and because I'm not so much a regular around here as I once was, I'd just like to give a vague and nameless thank you to everyone whom has ever helped me with various tasks, questions and general inquiries that I've had about all things Home since '08. Been through a lot here in this community, and one thing that is a fact is that even though everyone may not see eye to eye, we are a unique, diverse, and passionate community of gamers.

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Re: The Home Thank-You Thread

Aug 4, 2014
@KamoKarnage Hey stranger! Nice to see ya back on the forums! There was actually a TV episode where a character hid Easter eggs all over town, forgot to make a map, and the whole town smelled of rotten eggs for a week. Always make a map and welcome back! Smiley Tongue

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