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Re: The Gullibility of Innocence and the Guise of Honesty

Feb 25, 2010

While I certainly appreciate that you're attempting to address the matter, a thread of this nature is only likely to exasperate the issue. Perhaps it's best said as - lead by example and others will follow Refrain from participating in the issue and it will resolve itself of its own accord.


HlPPE wrote:
And this is where Lithium fails TOTALLY. Ppl come in here and flame a thread that's over some ppls heads and what does Lithium do?! Nothing. That's what's wrong with these boards. These ppl with no knowledge and no understanding and NO intellect hop in threads and troll them. If i was Lithium I would ban users with this "I dont understand him so lets flame". BTW in a REAL forum the flamers in here wouldn't last a day. You better count your lucky stars this place is run like that hell hole 4C**n. Some of you wouldnt last one day in a professional BBS.i

icanhazabusereportplz? No? Oh my.


Please try using the report feature first in the future rather than adding to the negativity, and let's be honest, taking it to another level.

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