Mar 30 2007
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The Eagle says....

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Yes, it will be very popular! Its  a very cool project and a lot of people will use it as much as one of thier games. And for many, Home will be where they spend most of thier gaming time. I, personally will set it all up the way that I want it, and then I will meet friends there, and show it off to whoever I can, and the rest of my time will still be spent on Socom.
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Re: The Eagle says....

Mar 30, 2007
LOL! So true.  For me, it will vary from game to game. I'll spend a lot of time in Home and MotorStorm.
Somehow find a group of people interested in having MotorStorm tournaments. And while in Home we will strategize on how each tournament will be executed. - which tracks, vechicles, etc. Then prehaps meet up with other groups for a world-wide MotorStorm tournament.
Man, I sure hope groups get implemented in Home soon if not already.
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