Nov 13 2013
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Terrific Tycoon - mini memories

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After the Introduciton of the New Heights Expansion packs; Helicopter and Amusement Park, I went on a Pic taking frenzy.

SInce the Copter allows me to scale new heights ( bad pun intended).


I have so may Pics, and my idea was to do a Tribute to Tycoon. Well, my Windows Movie Maker efforts haven't panned out yet.

Taking new Pictures, and looking at all the old ones.... I am having loads of fun in Home again.

Thank You, Hellfire.


Added Tycoon 349_1.jpg11-01-2013 05-20-18_1.jpg11-01-2013 05-38-40_1.jpgAdded Tycoon 284_1.jpgAdded Tycoon 286_1.jpgAdded Tycoon 341_1.jpgAdded Tycoon 344_1.jpgAdded Tycoon 388_1.jpgAdded Tycoon 364_1.jpgAdded Tycoon 373_1.jpg11-10-2013 15-43-34_1.jpgXmas3_1.jpg


Tad early, I know, but I love this last Pic, so . . .  MERRY XMAS Hellfire Games, Tycoon, all of you, and me too Smiley Happy

 photo Xmas3_1copy_1.jpg
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Re: Terrific Tycoon - mini memories

Nov 13, 2013
I would like to see Hellfire make a platform independent Tycoon game. Not a mobil app, but a full-scale game available through the PSN.

I can dream Smiley Happy
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Re: Terrific Tycoon - mini memories

Nov 13, 2013

Gorgeous pics, Lil! Your city has always been a favorite. Smiley Happy


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