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Re: Tempest_Fire hacker look-a-like

Jun 13, 2014

Hi, OP here --


Just to clarify a few things from all the comments I've recieved here --


1) It was obvious that it was not a mod, as the user made it very clear he was not by carrying on conversations admitting to not being one, and being a hacker, as well as using derogitory language, insults, usual troll-speak.  He claimed to have leaked all sorts of hacks in the past, and was not afraid of sony, but that "I AM sony!" and that sony could do nothing to him and haven't for a long time.


2) There was no way to click on his name when he was in mod mode, because in the chat it was flashing grey text and said [MOD].  It wasn't just someone waking around that I had mistakenly tried to "locate".  I couldn't locate them in the room unless they were out of mod mode.  Furthermore, whatever he stated while in mod mode was broadcast to the room entirely whether you were close-by or not. 


3) I understand these things should be reported in the support forum.  That was my mistake in my haste.  Frankly, I feel like having two seperate forums for complaining, and for tech support, is really not helpful, and that home users really just primarily go to this forum to glean any info about home in general.  


4) As was suggested by a welcoming committee member on page 1, I have PM'd the forumhomemoderators. 


5) When he actually did come out of mod mode, I did report him, for what it's worth.


6) I actually don't know how to take a screenshot of something on my PS yet.  I'll look into it.  I felt it would probably be a stupid idea to just take a picture with the built-in home camera, as 1) it wouldnt show any chat logging, and 2) it would make a camera-snapping noise that would have probably just have made me an active target myself.


I wouldn't have posted in these forums if I was confused about if he was really tempest_fire or not.  When it became obvious that it was not, and I was at the time unable to create a report through home, was the only time I thought it necessary to post on the forums. 


Thanks for all the comments here.  I agree that sony should do something about this, but it seems like they're not really caring about home anymore.


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Re: Tempest_Fire hacker look-a-like

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Jun 13, 2014

Wasn't me.  Didn't log on to the T_F account this week at all.  And when I do hop in Home on that account I *rarely* use MOD chat unless I'm giving something away. Heck, I'm not one for massive attention all the time anyway, so I use other accounts to enjoy Home in my personal time.  Also I never do moderation stuff with that account.  I like to keep a clear distinction between myself and the mod team.


Thanks for bringing it up OP, and thanks for reporting it.  Much appreciated.


Oh, and locking this since good advice has alredy been given.

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