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Re: Tell your friends folks.

Jan 18, 2013

Snake, no worries there. I have a YouTube channel they'll all be saved to for my rebuilding as well as others. But even so, all my MiniBot creations are snapped into ideas in my head, I can recreate them in 20minutes(give or take from lag) with pretty good accuracy. I lose nothing but conveinence from this update in terms of MiniBots. :3 I had a fondness for my engineering classes way back when, so I have a builder's habit. lol


I am a proud customization fiend, and know plenty of kindred spirits in that regard. My issue is not with MiniBots, even though I am currently invested in it, but that this update removes our ability to save our data before we overhaul and change things... thereby limiting our ability to enjoy ourselves as creators. To me this isn't about just fans of a game, but it's similarity to LittleBigPlanet suddenly saying you can only make 1 level, 1 sackboy costume preset, and 1 ship design... it ruins creativity, and I'd hate to see future of Home limited to just 1 thing. This patch could wait until it doesn't destroy that... but no, they had to go and kick it off without asking the users first.


Stardust, you've done nothing BUT troll my threads since I removed you from the YPSH tournament team after you tried to undermine everyone's importance besides your own. I've asked you to keep your drama to yourself, yet you persist with personal history as if people care where you first met me. Twist my words, and your notions all you want, I'm done feeding the troll that lives under my bridge. I can keep business private, enjoy leaving yours open, you're not worth any further response since all you do is try to twist things.

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Re: Tell your friends folks.

Jan 18, 2013

I'm not twisting anything, and you should really educate yourself on what the word troll means. When people make inane or hypocritical comments, I call them out on it. Do less of that, and you'll see less of me.

Crazy-88 wrote:
but no, they had to go and kick it off without asking the users first.

Talk about self-importance, lol.


That's not how the development process works, kiddo.






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Re: Tell your friends folks.

Jan 18, 2013

Hello there!

Since we already have a discussion thread about this topic, we'll be closing this thread in the interests of consolidation. We invite you to join the existing discussion, found here:


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