Aug 01 2013
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Tanbata: Double Stardust Flight

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If anybody knows how this game works please tell me! Lol I can't seem to figure how to get more stars. I have the pink and blue outfit. I have flown with someone with the same outfit with only granzella items on and with a guy wearing the orange and blue and getting same stars. Need 8 of the blue but most have gotten is 6. Any help is greatly appreciated. The scores I am getting are 6 red, 5 green, and 3 blue.
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Re: Tanbata: Double Stardust Flight

Aug 1, 2013

same here :/ btw i have the blue and purple outfit 

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Re: Tanbata: Double Stardust Flight

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Aug 1, 2013

You need to wait for the swimsuits to be released next week. There is no way to get 8 blue stars at this time. Those will give you something like a 2 red, 3 green, 7 blue star.

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