Apr 30 2014
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Survey Formal Attire in Home

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Greetings and Good Day All


I have included a link to a survey on Formal Attire in Home.


I am in the process of gathering information from members on their ideas, likes, delikes, desires, etc., to write an article.  The article will be shared with the community at-large and with developers.  There will be other surveys address fashion soon to come.


Please take a minute and provide your input.


Best, Eury



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Re: Survey Formal Attire in Home RESULTS

Jun 10, 2014



Please click to see the results of the formal attire survey, its published in the Gazette.

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Re: Survey Formal Attire in Home RESULTS

Jun 10, 2014

Nice work there Eurdarst. Hopefully some devs take note of this Smiley Wink Especially the form fitting part, nothing kills an outfit faster than fitting like it's 3 sizes too big. So far the Drey Noir suits are the only ones I like enough to actually wear. Well, that and the zombie suit xD

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Re: Survey Formal Attire in Home

Jun 11, 2014

Wow am I kicking myself for missing this thread and the survey lol. I have to say though Eur that you did a fantastic job with this, especially in terms of being as comprehensive as you were. It's very impressive and an interesting approach to this subject imo.


Overall I have to say that while in general I'm disappointed by the lack of male clothing period (Red's wardrobe hasn't really changed in a *long* time) when it comes to formalwear much of it is really top notch. From the colors to the general fit and design, I find that male formalwear has an attention paid to it that male casualwear just doesn't and I say that regarding all companies publishing clothes for males, ranging from Sony to Granzella to Lockwood.


Incidentally I have to say Lockwood, and Drey specifically, get my votes for the best quality. I have yet to buy or receive anything from Drey that I didn't like and when I am asked about my clothes or inspected, most often it's when I'm wearing something from Lockwood.

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