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Re: Starting a Moderation Revolution

Apr 18, 2013

what are you talking about? i responded to this ...By "friend" do you mean someone you've actually met and known for several years, or someone you hung out with in Home?


There is a difference. One of those people really isn't worth getting that upset over. how does knowing someone online vs the physical realm decide how one feels about another?

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Re: Starting a Moderation Revolution

Apr 18, 2013

Let me phrase this a little differently. If a coworker calls you a failure, it's probably going to have much less of an impact than if your father calls you a failure. There is a higher degree of emotional investment in one of those relationships than in the other, so the statement hurts more.


People can invest emotionally in any way that they choose; however, there are some relationships that have a deeper emotional investment and significance by their nature. Some people tend to invest too much too soon without really knowing a person, both online and in the physical world. That's something to guard against, especially when you only know someone as an avatar or a name on a screen.


If you'd like a nice, shorthand litmus test, never take criticism from someone you wouldn't trust with your bank account number.

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Re: Starting a Moderation Revolution

Apr 18, 2013

MurreuKwerk wrote:
Hello, users of home. I am just fed up and tired of today's Home. Why, you may ask? Well, I'll tell you why.....EVERYTIME me and my friends just want to chill and hang out, we get encountered by trolls or people engaging us with "Hate Speech". We report those people who do it, but several weeks later, they are still there. Unbanned, untouched. Even some freezers too. what happened with the 1.80 patch?

The one that was going to have better "Moderation tools"? Yeah, that's what I thought. One of my friends got trolled so hard, that she was having suicidal thoughts. And I had to talk her out of does that make me feel as a friend? It's just cruel and wrong to troll people like that....really. I preferred home back in 2010. There was MODS everywhere. Never had to worry about trolls or shenanigans. Now home is just lawless basically.

Is this lawless home really what we want? Think long and more tiny thing, if you troll ANYONE on home. Whether it be a friend or a foe. Please think about what you're doing to affect them. Because your actions affect the people around you.



hi op i been on home for 4 years and back in 2008 i was builled trolled and threaten 10 times a day but i still here. what i do is give most people 3 warning on here and if they dont get the hint i report them and then fade them out. Back then the things i heard on here you would fall on the floor and go wow. I heard the worest prevertion and many more. every rules on here i seen broken about 1000 times on home. i heard the worest racist coments and hate speech  ever on here too and even somebody plaining a killing on here but i dont let them take my fun away on home and always injoy meself.. One thing trolls wants is that they feed off attention and if you dont repond to them they will walk away. Like the saying goes dont feed the troll. Another things report do work but it takes a while because they read all report by hand. If you feel that the same person day by day is trolling you use the block and you never have to read their text again. Trust me us vetern been through it all on here and the best option to use is ignore block and report if nessary. i hope this helps tc and have fun.




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Re: Starting a Moderation Revolution

Apr 18, 2013

@HearItWow - There's no such thing as "off the Internet" anymore. Children today start using Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites at ever earlier ages. And Internet anonymity will soon be a thing of the past. For example, Facebook is increasingly aggressive about verifying that user accounts are "real" and these accounts are being linked to myriads of other online activities. So online bullying is often a continuation of real-world bullying. If it happens to you, and if it's severe enough, it needs to be reported. We've seen several cases involving Facebook where this has resulted in suicide.


Also, emotional investment with online personas can and does happen. We've all heard the stories of friendships and even real-world relationships that sometimes result. As an adult you may have a healthy attitude towards it, but many Home users aren't mature adults, dont' have good relationships with their fathers, and don't know how to set healthy boundaries. And online personas are tailor made for psychological projection. Have you interacted with this person in video chat? No? Then don't assume you know who they really are or what they really look like, for starters.


As Sergeant Esterhaus used to say, "Let's be careful out there!"

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Re: Starting a Moderation Revolution

Apr 18, 2013

With what I learned recently , or I should said confirmed... Maybe we should just all buy a freezer kit. Obviously there is no risk involve as Moderation/Sony does nothing about it. That way we could each freeze our personal troll/trouble maker at will... 

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Re: Starting a Moderation Revolution

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Apr 20, 2013
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