May 14 2013
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Space features question

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A friend who is new to Home is talking about getting that living room movie stage thing, taking videos, downloading them to his computer to play around with, and uploading them again to share them. When I checked out info and the video of the space on, the video did show interactive parts, but the description said it has no minigames. Finally, that space is the standard price of $4.99, which is what tops off my scepticism.

Is that friend right and he can do video editing like he enjoys doing for YouTube, or is that not really possible for that space?
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Re: Space features question

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May 14, 2013

Their best bet would be to get the other Loot space, I thinks its called the Modular Stage Set. I own both & they are  good spaces. The Living Room Set is preset w/ a mock living room & kitchen which is cool if your doing a sitcom type video, you can also change the backdrop image you see thru the windows & doors. The Modular Set comes w/ the same size stage except it is a blank slate you can setup anyway you like w/ your own furniture. It has a feature to change the backdrop to different colors (no images tho), like a green screen type thing. Both have the ability to change spot light positions & colors. Like I said if ya want variety I would go w/ the Modular set. Good luck!


* The Observer Camera has the ability to upload directly too youtube or your hdd for editing. It's a good buy as well if ya want to do videos. Loot's Active Camera only uploads to your hdd.


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Re: Space features question

May 14, 2013

Yes, The Studio Stage set is the one that has built in cameras that record.  Living Room stage set has built in cameras but they dont have the record feature.  I asked LOOT over a year ago if they plans to change the cameras in there and they said yes but it has yet to happen.  The Living Room one comes with some free ittems and a prebuilt stage so if thats what you're looking for you could always just throw the LOOT Active Camera in there to record to the HDD.

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