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Re: Personal Space Tours: Updated w/ City of Flowers Penthouse

Feb 14, 2013
You can add me to the Dream Hideaway Apartment.
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Re: Personal Space Tours: Updated w/ City of Flowers Penthouse

Feb 14, 2013

y2 plz add me on  for city of flowers n dream hideaway

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Re: Personal Space Tours: Updated w/ City of Flowers Penthouse

Feb 22, 2013

Please bring hed kandi to the usa sever Smiley Sad 

Y2David wrote:

Personal Space Tours: Listing of those offering Tours


***BanhiDancer gave me the permission to continue what she had started, so we can have a listing of those friendly folks who are offering Personal Space Tours of any of their personal spaces***


If you'd just like to see the personal spaces in video form, check out cbeyonds "Virtual Tours" forum thread or visit for a listing at this link, It's the easy way to get a tour without needing an invite!


This is meant for anyone in any region (NA/EU/HK/JP) who would want a tour or is offering to give a tour


You can also contact one of our Home Community Volunteers for a tour. Their names are listed in this thread:Home Community Volunteer FAQ (updated regularly).




(these can be ever changing, PLEASE feel free to offer up suggestions for additions and changes to make this run smoothly)

  1. Send a MESSAGE to the person with the subject: include n header to say TOUR (name of space) ...(example: TOUR: Winter Vacation Villa) 
  2. Those who are giving personal space tours will answer your message with a friend request (provided they are online and not busy) 
  3. Once the request is accepted, they will invite you to the space you requested. 
  4. HAVE FUN!


**Please Note about those who offer Tours:

-They reserve the right to delete you from their list at any time to continue to make room for others to invite.

-Please treat them with respect, and respect their time.

-They may invite you and then sit their avatar somewhere out of the way while they do other things, please don't take offense if they are not always there to chat with you.

(Can you think of more to add here? Please let me know!)



**If you'd like to be listed:

-For Any Personal Space you want to give a tour, PLEASE include the full name of the space or copy and paste from the list below

-If your account is from a different region please mention it

-Also, please note the amount of time you're willing to allow (if you have time constraints).





Click in links below to go there
Personal Spaces (A thru F)
Personal Spaces (G thru L)
Personal Spaces (M thru P)
Personal Spaces (Q thru Z)
Other Regions / Clubhouse Tours / Other Item Categories


  • Spaces that give rewards to guests will have a (*) after it
  • Spaces that are owner only rewards will be (highlighted in orange)


List of Personal Spaces (A thru F)


  • Andy's Room *
  • Anime Style
  • Assasin's Creed Apartment
  • Aurora Champion Apartment
  • Aurora Island *
  • Avalon Keep *
  • Avalon Keep Dungeon (add on) *
  • Avalon Keep King Chambers (add on)
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum Batcave Outpost
  • Blaster's Paradise - Sodium Personal Space
  • Blueprint: Home 
  • Bonk Living Space
  • Casino: Complimentary Hotel Room
  • Casino: Penthouse 
  • Casino: VIP Hotel Room
  • Chamber Apartment
  • City Penthoouse
  • Creek Falls *
  • Crystal Seashores Apartment *
  • Cutteridge Estate *
  • Cutteridge Estate "Demonic" 
  • Cuttroats Hideaway Apartment (new)
  • Darla's Den *
  • Def Jam Rapstar Studio
  • Digital Leisure's Space Station *
  • Dolphy Room
  • Dragon's Lair
  • Dream Island *
  • Dream Yacht *
  • Dream Yacht: Artic Voyage* (new)
  • Eden - Primarch's Vigilarium
  • Edo Tenement Apartment
  • Emo Ray Private Apartment
  • F.U.B.A.R. Apartment
  • French Chateau *


List of Personal Spaces (G thru L)


  • Ghostbusters Firehouse
  • Gnome Curling Secret Garden
  • Go Fish Tropical Island personal space (by VEEMEE)
  • Gothic Cathedral
  • Gothic Manor *
  • Granzella -  City of Flowers Penthouse *
  • Granzella - Fossil Museum 
  • Granzella -  Japanese Teahouse
  • Granzella - My Private Hideaway
  • Granzella - Glittering Sands Beach  (also those w/ floats *)
  • Granzella - GZ Burger Personal Space *
  • Hillside
  • Hollywood Hills House
  • Home-Grown Laboratory Personal Space
  • Island Bungalow
  • Jam Games - Race-On Garage 
  • Japanese Apartment
  • JetSetter Apartment *
  • Lakeside Log Cabin
  • LeChuck's Pirate Ship *
  • LittleBgPlanet Pod Penthouse *
  • Living Room Stage Set from Loot
  • Lockwood's The Jewel of the Skies (new) *
  • LocoIsland *
  • London Pub *
  • LOOT's Space Apartment (Plugged-In)
  • LOOT's Sunset Yacht
  • Lost Dam Hideout
  • Luxurious Tropical Paradise Beach Crib
  • Luxury Racing Box
  • Luxury Weekend Lake House



List of Personal Spaces (M thru P)


  • Mahjong Apartment 
  • Mansion - First Floor *
  • Mansion - Garage *
  • Mansion - Infinity Pool *
  • Mansion Second Floor *
  • Men In Black Headquarters Private Space
  • Midnight Glade *
  • MiniBots Training Facility *
  • Modular Stage Set from LOOT
  • Moon Forest *
  • Moonlight Personal Space (Peakvox Ninja) (new)
  • MotorStorm Monument Valley Camp
  • MotorStorm Pacific Rift Camp
  • Mount Olympus *
  • Musicality Apartment *
  • Nebula Air Ship*
  • nDreaMS' Ansada Fone Personal Space
  • nDreaMS' Ansada Fone Personal Space (nighttime)
  • nDreams' Party at Jess's Apartment *
  • nDreams Xi Continuum: Vertigo apartment (new)
  • Neptune Suite *
  • NightLife Lounge
  • Novus Prime Officer's Quarters
  • Old West Saloon *
  • Oscar's Lobster Mania Personal Space
  • Palace of the Seven Winds *
  • Paris Clock Tower Apartment
  • Party at Jess's Apartment *
  • Pharaoh's Tomb
  • Pirate Galleon Apartment *
  • Planetland
  • Playground Apartment
  • Plum Tree Pavilion *
  • Post Apocalyptic Shelter



List of Personal Spaces (Q thru Z)


  • Rapture Metro Apartment *
  • Ratchet & Crank: Home Sweet Home
  • Raven Barracks
  • Red Bull House of Skate *
  • Salt Shooter Game *
  • Santorini Greece
  • Savage Manor 
  • Silent Hill Downpour Diner
  • Silicon Lounge
  • Summer House
  • Sunlit Meadow *
  • Super-Fun-Robo-Goalie-Beach-Time Tropical Island
  • SVER Barracks
  • Tree House Personal Apartment
  • Tron Apartment *
  • Tropical Escape
  • Tuscan Villa *
  • Tycoon Penthouse
  • UFC Personal Space
  • Underwater Apartment
  • Uncharted Fortune Hunter's Apartment
  • Valor Barracks
  • Villain's Lair *
  • Visari Throne Room
  • Warhawk Apartment
  • Waterfall Terrace *
  • Winter Vacation Villa
  • Wizard's Den
  • Yacht: Santorini
  • Zombie Headquarters *


Outer Regions (Exclusives)


  • Virtual Tennis 4 - Baseline Battle (EU) *
  • Cubic Apartment (JP) 
  • Audi Apartment (EU) 
  • Audi Experience Apartment (EU)
  • Audi S1 Sledge Multiplayer (EU)*
  • Toro’s House (JP, Asia)
  • Original Home Square Personal Space (EU) (new)
  • Oshaberi Farm Personal Space (JP)
  • Rickety "Neon Downtown" Apartment (JP)
  • Winter Wonderland Apartment (EU) (new)



Clubhouse Tours


  • Avalon Keep Clubhouse * (new)
  • Basic Clubhouse
  • Crystal Seashores Clubhouse 
  • Cutteridge Estate Clubhouse
  • Desert Haven Clubhouse
  • Digital Leisure's Space Station *
  • Digital Leisure's Old Western Saloon Clubhouse * (new)
  • Gothic Cathedral 
  • Hidden Oak Retreat
  • Hillside
  • Island Bungalow
  • Men In Black Headquarters Clubhouse
  • Moon Forest
  • NightLife Lounge
  • Palace of the Seven Winds *
  • Plum Tree Pavilion
  • Tuscan Villa 
  • War Room


Other Items categories (that offer rewards)


  • A Game About Bouncing *
  • Barron's Eggcellent Plan *
  • Brimstone Poker Table *
  • Cabin Boy cabinet *
  • Cauldron of the Sunless Kingdom *
  • Clusterpuck *
  • Codeglue's 2012 Day of Jugment Device *
  • Granzella's Dream Beds *
  • Granzella's Floating Devices *
  • Intellivision's Astrosmash Gen2 *
  • Intellivision's Shark! Shark! Gen2 *
  • Juggernaut's Confetti Bomb *
  • Juggernaut's Festive Stocking *
  • Juggernaut's MiniBots - BattleBox *
  • Juggernaut's Valentine Gift box *
  • Lockwood's PODI *
  • SCE's Seven Table (JP) *
  • Shandor *
  • Trigger Happy in a Box cabinet *



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Re: Personal Space Tours: Updated w/ City of Flowers Penthouse

Feb 22, 2013

i wished they would bring hed kandi to the usa

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Feb 22, 2013

Dear glsswalls pls bring hed kandi to usa  pshome sever's

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Re: Re:

Feb 22, 2013

Raina--101 wrote:

Dear glsswalls pls bring hed kandi to usa  pshome sever's

Hello there, I recommend posting this and anything you would further like in the monthly suggestion threads. This way your ideas or opinions may be acknowledged better.

Link to suggestion thread -
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Re: Personal Space Tours: Dream Hideaway

Feb 23, 2013

For those interested in a tour of the Dream Hideaway and would like to get Saturday's guest reward (Ultra Modern Dining Chair) or preview the other rewards;  or would like some help on how to fully explore the space,  I will be available tonight for tours.  Feel free to PM me on XMB and Ill send you a FR and invite.


Here is a quick preview:


20130219 12-53-12.jpg



I also can also show you how to swim in the lagoon:


20130219 11-59-01.jpg


More pics here:


Here is a pic of Saturday's rewards (guest reward is the chair):


20130219 23-08-20.jpg


Here are all the rewards:


20130219 23-36-03.jpg



More pics here:




Sony's PlayStation Home updated mission statement...

"Like it never happened"

- Stand for something better than mediocrity and don't disguise it as adequate, when clearly it is far from that to anyone willing to be objective and unbiased. -

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Re: Personal Space Tours: Updated w/ Bramblenook Farm

[ Edited ]
Mar 5, 2013

Hello Y2David. smile_cool.gif I want some opinions on my Bramblenook space, but am willing to show other spaces as well. You may add me to the following spaces:


  1. Harbour Studio
  2. Bramblenook Farm*
  3. Ansada Fone Apartment (Night)
  4. MiniBots Training Facility
  5. Loot™'s Space Apartment (Plugged-In)
  6. The Casino: Complimentary Hotel Room
  7. Loot™'s Sunset Yacht (With Home Theater)
  8. Hollywood Hills House (with Home Threater)
  9. Tron Apartment
  10. The Dragon's Lair
  11. PlayStation®Home Mansion - Garage**
  12. Batman: Arkham Asylum™ Batcave™ Outpost
  13. Salt Shooter Game
  14. Darla's Den

BOLD = Decorated w/ Purpose (aka not a random experiment)

* = Mostly decorated, but I want opinions...

** = Decorated, but slightly out-of-whack due to missing cars



  1. Small studio apartment for nature lovers
  2. Fable/Oblivion like farm (fully unlocked animals/crops)
  3. One big experiment with a bunch of active items
  4. Red VS Blue MiniBot Arena (local multiplayer!)
  5. The ultimate space apartment
  6. Small crummy hotel room w/ gangster elements
  7. Your own personal restourant on the sea (w/ rain!)
  8. The best house in Hollywood! (w/ arcade!)
  9. The ultimate Tron/Deus-ex apartment in virtuality! (w/ rain)
  10. One big giant experiment w/ lots of gold!
  11. A massive barbeque; wait a moment.... where my cars go?!
  12. The ultimate Fallout bunker around! (WARNING: Will prevent you from leaving 'till the radiation has passed)
  13. Once upon a time, this used to have furniture...
  14. Fun and games! (not unlocked... at all)

 You can catch me between 6 PM - 1 AM EST on weekdays. I can't guarantee anything though and will only have tours on my own convenience. If I'm on and I have the time, I'll show you. If not... I ask that you kindly wait 'till I can. Please note that this will likely be temperary. I don't plan on showing tours forever...

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Re: Personal Space Tours: Updated w/ Bramblenook Farm

Mar 5, 2013
Add the new Farm space to my list
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Re: Personal Space Tours: Updated w/ Bramblenook Farm

Mar 5, 2013

You can also add me to the Bramblenook Farm personal space.

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