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Space Tours: MyGym, Tour Bus, Dressing Room, Secret Party Garden, PetrolHead

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 Latest (in the works) last updated 1/27/14

  • Adding links to the main page, if for any reason you click on a non working link, please let me know.
  • Need volunteers for this if you're wanting to help (let me know by PM) . There are some 'older' spaces with no info threads, if you wish to add or create one, please do and ill make sure to link it.
  • Also adding links to video tours from the community, if you have a video you want to share of the space, post it here and will add it to the page.



If you happen to be one of those who gets every personal space

that is released and want to get added to the listing of

those offering tours each time new spaces / clubhouse skins

comes to the NA region or EU Region

just reply here & Link of listing should be up soon





Personal Space Tours: Listing of those offering Tours


This is a listing of those friendly folks who are offering Personal Space Tours of any of their personal spaces


If you'd just like to see the personal spaces in video form, visit for a listing, It's the easy way to get a tour without needing an invite!


This is meant for anyone in any region (NA/EU/HK/JP) who would want a tour or is offering to give a tour


You can also contact one of our PlayStation Home Guides, in which they specialize in Home and you can ask them for a tour.




(these can be ever changing, PLEASE feel free to offer up suggestions for additions and changes to make this run smoothly)

  1. Send a MESSAGE to the person with the subject: include n header to say "TOUR (name of space)" ...(example: TOUR: Winter Vacation Villa) 
  2. Those who are giving personal space tours will answer your message with a friend request (provided they are online and not busy) 
  3. Once the request is accepted, they will invite you to the space you requested. 
  4. HAVE FUN!


**Please Note about those who offer Tours:

-They reserve the right to delete you from their list at any time to continue to make room for others to invite.

-Please treat them with respect, and respect their time.

-They may invite you and then sit their avatar somewhere out of the way while they do other things, please don't take offense if they are not always there to chat with you.

(Can you think of more to add here? Please let me know!)



**If you'd like to be listed:

-For Any Personal Space you want to give a tour, PLEASE include the full name of the space or copy and paste from the list below

-If your account is from a different region please mention it

-Also, please note the amount of time you're willing to allow (if you have time constraints).


Click in links below to go there
Personal Spaces (A thru F)
Personal Spaces (G thru L)
Personal Spaces (M thru P)
Personal Spaces (Q thru Z)
Other Regions / Clubhouse Tours / Other Item Categories

You can also follow us on Twitter w/ Hashtag #PSHomeSpaceTours


  • Guest Rewards - Spaces that give rewards to guests will have a (*) after it





2K Games


Personal Spaces

 Rapture Metro Apartment




atom republic.jpeg


Personal Spaces

Discotheque *


Clubhouse Skins

Discotheque Club-house *






Personal Spaces

Doctor Who TARDIS 


 Clubhouse skins

 Doctor Who TARDIS - Clubhouse 




code mystics.png


Personal Spaces

Mystic Arcade




Columbia Pictures Industries


Personal Spaces

Ghostbusters Firehouse

Men in Black Headquarters (Private Space)




Digital Leisure.jpeg


Personal Spaces

Old West Saloon *

Personal Casino Apartment
The Campsite

The Casino: Complimentary Hotel Room

The Casino: VIP Suite

The Dragon's Lair

The Space Station *


Clubhouse Skins

 Old West Saloon Clubhouse *

The Space Station Clubhouse *




disney.jpeg lucasarts.jpeg


Personal Spaces

Andy's Room *

 LeChuck's Pirate Ship *

Tron Apartment *




Flashman Studios LLC.


Personal Spaces

Enterprise-D Main Bridge with attached Captain's Ready Room




Game Mechanics


Personal Spaces

SeaClyff Retreat *

SeaClyff Night Retreat *


 Clubhouse skins

 SeaClyff Clubhouse *

Seaclyff Night Clubhouse *






Personal Spaces

City by the Bay Loft "Window to the World" *
City of Flowers Penthouse "Window to the World"
Edo Row Houses

Fossil Museum

Glittering Sands Secluded Retreat *

GZ Burger *
Japanese Teahouse

My Private Getaway
Nostalgic School Days
Secret base for keeping peace, Yuma Café

Tearoom, Golden Monastery

Tearoom, Silver Monastery




heavy water.jpeg


Personal Spaces

Avalon Keep *

Emo's Garage Loft


Clubhouse Skins

Avalon Keep: Clubhouse *




Hellfire (1).jpg


Personal Spaces

Novus Prime Officer's Quarters

Obsidian Officer's Quarters




Hudson Entertainment, Inc.


Personal Spaces

Bonk Living Space

Dolphy Room




jam games.png


Personal Spaces

Country Chic - Tour Bus Apartment

RaceOn Garage
Snow Globe Apartment
The Jam Jar Apartment
The Painted Bare Studio


 Clubhouse Skins

Country Chic - Tour Bus Clubhouse

Snow Globe Clubhouse

The Jam Jar Clubhouse




juggernaut games.jpeg


Personal Spaces

Bramblenook Farm *
Cutteridge Estate *

Demonic Cutteridge Estate
Hollyridge Estate

MiniBots Training Facility

Palace of the Seven Winds *


 Clubhouse skins

Hollyridge Estate - Clubhouse

Cutteridge Estate- Clubhouse *

Palace of the Seven Winds Clubhouse *







Personal Spaces

The Dressing Room





Personal Spaces

Club Luminosity

Def Jam Rapstar Studio

Gothic Cathedral

Silent Hill Downpour Diner

SuperStar - Jetsetter Private Plane


Clubhouse Skins

Club Luminosity - Club House

Gothic Cathedral - Clubhouse






Personal Spaces

Hollywood Hills House Daytime Estate (with Home Theater)

Hollywood Hills House Nighttime Estate

Living Room Stage Set from LOOT

LOOT's Space Apartment (Plugged-In)

LOOT's Sunset Yacht (With Home Theater)

Studio Stage Set from LOOT


Clubhouse Skins

Hollywood Hills House Daytime Clubhouse (with Home Theater)

Hollywood Hills House Nighttime Clubhouse (with Home Theater)





Personal Spaces

921 Acacia Drive Personal Space 

Abbey Hill Cottage
Abbey Hill Cottage - Winter Retreat

Ajagara's Peak*

Blaster's Paradise - Sodium Personal Space

Dream Forest Paradise *
Dream Hideaway *

Dream Island *
Drop Science Subway
Iron Fusion Vault
LKWD Life Lakeside Oasis

LKWD Venue
Lock-a-doodle Studio

Polar Rush

Prehistoric Valley *
Salt Shooter Game

Serenity Lake

Silicon Lounge

Sodium Blasters Bay *
Sodium Blimp

Sunlit Meadow *
The Dream Yacht *

The Dream Yacht: Artic Voyage *
The Drey VIP Room
The Jewel of the Skies *
The Midnight Glade *

The Nightmare Yacht
The Prairie Ranch *
Whimsy Hollow


Clubhouse Skins

Dream Hideaway Clubhouse *

Dream Island Clubhouse *

Dream Yacht Clubhouse *

Dream Yacht Artic Voyage Clubhouse *

 Dream Forest Paradise Clubhouse *

Lock-a-doodle Studio (Clubhouse)

The Haven of the Skies Clubhouse *

The Prairie Saloon *






Personal Spaces

The Spunland Cottage *




mass media.png


Personal Spaces

Darla's Den

Neptune Suite *






Personal Spaces

Ansada Fone Apartment

Ansada Fone Apartment (Night)

Aurora Champion Apartment

Aurora Island

Aurora Showcase Apartment
Blueprint: Home

Carla's Coffee Shop Apartment
Cassie's Dance Studio Apartment

Castle Greywold: Apartment
Cosmic Corner - Fun Sized Apartment

F.U.B.A.R. Apartment (=DOUBLE POINTS)
Inferno Apartment
Joe' Boxing Gym Apartment

Luxury Lighthouse Apartment

Luxury Train Apartment

Masquerade Ball - The Ballroom
Masquerade Ball - The Ballroom (Gothic)
Musicality Apartment *

Pirate Galleon Apartment *

Rooftop Terrace - Apartment

Savage Manor

Skycraper Lounge Apartment

Stately Home Apartment

Stately Home Apartment (Gothic)
The Complex
The Complex 2
The Nightclub: Apartment

The Secret Party Garden: Apartment
Xi: Continuum - Vertigo Apartment


Clubhouse Skins

Castle Greywold: Clubhouse

Masquerade Ball - The Ballroom Club House
Masquerade Ball - The Ballroom Club House (Gothic)

Musicality Club House

Skycraper Lounge Clubhouse

Stately Home Apartment

Stately Home Apartment (Gothic)

The Complex 2: Clubhouse

The Nightclub: Clubhouse

The Secret Party Garden: Clubhouse

The War Room Clubhouse






Personal Spaces

Moonlight Space
Seasons-themed room
Summer with sunflowers blooming




 Red Bull


Personal Spaces

 Red Bull House of Skate *






Personal Spaces

A Dark Wizard's Mansion

A House In Hogsmeade
Anime Style

Batman: Arkham Asylum Batcave Outpost

Castle Durrant
Chamber Apartment

City Penthouse

Creek Falls *

Crystal Seashores Apartment *

Cutthroats Hideaway Apartment
Diamond Beach Mansion *

French Chateau Apartment *

Gothic Manor *

Hillside Apartment

Island Bungalow Apartment *

Japanese Apartment

Lakeside Log Cabin

LittleBigPlanet Pod Penthouse *

LocoIsland *

Luxurious tropical paradise beach crib

Luxury Racing Box

Luxury Weekend Lake House

Mahjong Apartment *

Moon Forest Apartment *

MotorStorm Monument Valley Camp

MotorStorm Pacific Rift Camp

Mount Olympus *

Nebula Air Ship *

Nightlife Lounge Apartment

Paris Clock Tower Apartment

Party at Jess's Apartment

PetrolHead Apartment

Pharaoh's Tomb


Playground Apartment

PlayStation Home Mansion - First Floor *

PlayStation Home Mansion - Infinity Pool *
PlayStation Home Mansion - Garage *

PlayStation Home Mansion - Second Floor *

Plum Tree Pavillion Apartment *

Post Apocalyptic Shelter

Ratchet & Clank: Home Sweet Home

Raven Barracks

Rainy Day Apartment

Santorini Greece

Summer House

SVER Barracks

The Lost Dam Hideout

The Sky Temple of Fratos

Tree House Personal Apartment

The Imperial Voyager

Tropical Escape

Tuscan Villa Apartment *

Tycoon Penthouse

Valor Barracks

Villain's Lair

Uncharted Forune Hunter's Apartment

Warhawk Apartment

Waterfall Terrace *

Winter Vacation Villa

Wizard's Den

Yacht: Santorini

Visari Throne Room

Zombie DeadQuarters *


Clubhouse Skins

Basic Clubhouse

Crystal Seashores Clubhouse

Desert Haven

Hidden Oak Retreat

Hillside Clubhouse

Island Bungalow Clubhouse

Men in Black Headquarters - Clubhouse

Moon Forest Clubhouse

Nightlife Lounge Clubhouse

Plum Tree Pavillion Clubhouse

Tuscan Villa Clubhouse




Square Enix


Personal Spaces

 Eden - Primarch's Vigilarium






Personal Spaces

 UFC Personal Space






Personal Spaces

 Assasin's Creed Apartment







Personal Spaces

Acorn Meadows Park Apartment
Acorn Meadows Park Apartment - Autumn

Acorn Meadows Park Apartment - 1st Birthday

Acorn Meadows Park Apartment -Dusk

Acorn Meadows Park Apartment - Night

Acorn Meadows Park Apartment - Rainy day

Acorn Meadows Park Apartment - Winter
Gnome Curling Secret Garden

Go Fish Tropical Island

HGL Creative Habitat

MyGym Apartment
Oscar's Lobster Mania Island

SFRGBT!! Tropical Island

The Irish Pub *
The London Pub *

The Sports Bar *
Underwater Apartment

VEEMEE's 50 Diner





Outer Regions (Exclusives)

Virtual Tennis 4 - Baseline Battle (EU) *
Cubic Apartment (JP)
Audi Apartment (EU)
Audi Experience Apartment (EU)
Audi S1 Sledge Multiplayer (EU)*
Sony - Frozen Peak Palace (EU) *
Sony - Infinite Oasis Ranch Apartment (EU)
Sony - Infinite Oasis Ranch Clubhouse (EU)
Toro’s House (JP, Asia)
Sony - Original Home Square Personal Space (EU)
Oshaberi Farm Personal Space (JP)
Oshaberi Farm "Snowy Talking Garden" Winter garden Estate Personal Space (JP)
Sony - Paradise at Sea Personal Space (EU)
Sony - Paradise at Sea Clubhouse (EU)
Granzella - Rickety "Neon Downtown" Apartment (JP)
Sony - Shouei Kingdom Apartment (JP)
Sony - Winter Wonderland Apartment (EU)


Other Items categories (that offer rewards)

A Game About Bouncing *
Barron's Eggcellent Plan *
Brimstone Poker Table *
Cabin Boy cabinet *
Cauldron of the Sunless Kingdom *
Clusterpuck *
Codeglue's 2012 Day of Jugment Device *
Granzella's Dream Beds *
Granzella's Floating Devices *
Intellivision's Astrosmash Gen2 *
Intellivision's Shark! Shark! Gen2 *
Juggernaut's Confetti Bomb *
Juggernaut's Festive Stocking *
Juggernaut's MiniBots - BattleBox *
Juggernaut's Valentine Gift box *
Lockwood's PODI *
SCE's Seven Table (JP) *
Shandor *
Thanksgiving Dining Table *
Trigger Happy in a Box cabinet *
Vemmee - French BBQ Chef
Veemee - BBQ Personal Chef
Veemee – Santa Chef
Juggernaut - Culnary Adventure Pack



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Jan 12, 2012

Nicely done! This is such a great resource Tome for the community.

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Jan 12, 2012

fantastic job. easy 2 find the tours hosts n this way.


PSN Gamercards
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Jan 12, 2012

Yeah, this layout is much cleaner

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Jan 12, 2012

The 1st tome of history of the Forums

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Jan 12, 2012

Just curious, why are there NA people listed under the Audi spaces when it's not available here?

P.S. I love the new layout.

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Jan 13, 2012

This looks good. Very good indeed. *also: since I can't seem to find the edit button on this thing, I've got the Casino Complementary Room.*

A very (very) basic LBP level... by me.
(PS: Blank Friend Requests WILL be deleted!)
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Jan 13, 2012

If you would like you can add me as a tour guide for the following space:

  • Andy's Room*  
  • Anime Style  
  • Aurora Island  
  • Batman: Arkham Asylum Batcave Outpost  
  • Blaster's Paradise - Sodium Personal Space  
  • Bonk Living Space  
  • Casino: Complimentary Hotel Room (new)    
  • Creek Falls* (new)  
  • Cutteridge Estate   
  • Darla's Den  

         Dolphy Room  

  • Dragon's Lair  
  • Dream Yacht *   
  • Gnome Curling Secret Garden   
  • Hollywood Hills House   
  • Lakeside Log Cabin   
  • Living Room Stage Set from Loot  
  • LocoIsland*  
  • Luxury Racing Box  
  • Luxury Weekend Lake House    
  • Modular Stage Set from LOOT    
  • Musicality Apartment   
  • Paris Clock Tower Apartment     
  • Pharaoh's Tomb  
  • Pirate Galleon Apartment*  
  • Planetland  
  • Playground Apartment  
  • Playstation Home Mansion - First Floor*  
  • Playstation Home Mansion - Garage*  
  • Playstation Home Mansion - Infinity Pool*  
  • Playstation Home Mansion Second Floor*  
  • Post Apocalyptic Shelter  
  • Rapture Metro Apartment*    
  • Salt Shooter Game  
  • Santorini Greece  
  • Tropical Escape    
  • UFC Personal Space   
  • Villain's Lair*  
  • Waterfall Terrace*  
  • Winter Vacation Villa  
  • Wizard's Den 
  • Zombie Headquarters*
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thanks fer bringing it on to the attention, I think is this an awesum feature to have here

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Jan 13, 2012

hi wesley, there some people in the NA region who have other accounts on different regions owning them spaces and vice versa.

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