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Re: Sony says Ps home coming to the ps 4

Apr 2, 2014

Head-on_straight wrote:

I was excited til i read the article and it said we could also sell our  unwanted spaces and the $ would be added to our accounts. I guess i'm an April fool lol


It's not even funny anymore. I mean, people have spread this rumor so thin that for it to be used as an April fools joke is unorignal, uncreative, and completely witless. How many more times will this be used before it dies short of any offical news? 

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Re: Sony says Ps home coming to the ps 4

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Apr 2, 2014

CinnamonSky wrote:

There have been rumors about this topic, so I'm not too convinced about it. Though, hopefully there's more news about this where it came from soon. 

Sorry about this I forgot it was april fools day and fell into this O well I did get me going for a bit. A ray of sun shine for a few


Since this is a duplicate thread, I'm going to go ahead and close it Smiley Happy


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