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Re: Sony: Home will release "around October or November time".

May 3, 2007
I think a really important point is being missed because there are a lot of people making assumptions.  Just because a beta STARTS at a certain time does not mean that ALL BETA TESTERS will be let in at that time.  They are letting in the beta testers in phases.  First, they will let in certain employees and known beta testers.  Then, in the summer, they may start letting in those who were invited by email and who responded.  Then, they will probably open up the homebetatrial website to sign-ups and will let a limited number in.  Again, this will all still be the CLOSED BETA.  There may just be three or more waves or phases of people allowed in.
Next, comes the OPEN BETA.  Again, the open beta may be open to anyone who wants to try it, but may be limited to a certain number.  It might be easier to get into the open beta, but there may be no guarantees.  With the open beta, they may also open the gates in waves or phases.  And then, it will be opened to all.
Finally, just because they say it will be available in October doesn't necessarily mean it is guaranteed.  They are stating their goal or their expectation.  However, goals and expectations WILL OFTEN CHANGE during beta testing.  The whole point of beta testing is to work out potential problems and bugs and manage performance issues.  So, there is no real guarantee how long a beta-test period will take.  Hope for the best but expect the worst.
I am pretty sure, though, that they will want to make it available to all by November at the latest so that it can help sell more PS3s during the busy shopping season, even if there MAY still be a few glitches here and there that still need to be ironed out with updates.  Everyone just needs patience.  There are two ways Sony can handle this.  They can keep completely silent and then, out of the blue, announce something the moment it is available, keeping everyone in the dark until availability.  OR, they can let everyone know what they are working on and keep everyone generally informed along the way.  I think it is best that they keep everyone informed, but they will be less inclined to do so if people can't maintain responsible patience.


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