Apr 10 2007
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Sony: Dont Compare Ps3 Home to Second Life

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Being as the devs of Second Life dont even think they are alike makes you wonder who is starting all these rumors?

Sony talks PS3 Home vs. Second Life

Nobody's gotten a statement from Sony yet about Atari's secret project which appears to be direct competition to PS3 Home.

But Steve Boxer recently spoke with Sony's Phil Harrison about PS3 Home and asked about the basic similarities with Second Life. Phil Harrison wasn't having any of it.

"I think you’re way oversimplifying by suggesting Second Life and Home are the same. In Home, you get a character and a 3D world, and that’s where the similarity ends. Second Life does some brilliant things but with Home, we’re providing a service. Therefore, the tone of voice is what will differentiate it – Home is about entertainment, it has a game focus, and it’s about sharing with a like-minded community," he explained.

"We don’t give users the level of influence over the environment, behaviour and object definitions that Second Life does – it’s as secure as any other PS3 game. With some of the operating system protocols that are built into the Cell chip, it’s about as secure as you can be on a consumer device."

In summation: Don't ever, ever compare PS3 Home with Second Life.

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Ps3 2 years of bad press and STILL going strong. Bring it!
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Re: Sony: Dont Compare Ps3 Home to Second Life

Apr 10, 2007
This is what ive been saying since any rumors of any kind started!  PS3 Home has a reason to exist, to expand on achievements and networking.  For gamers, for people all with something directly Directly In Common! The Playstation 3.  Myspace, Second Life, Sims..etc all those wierd places where random strangers get together and talk and leave messages (extremely wierd in my opinion), but yeah NONE of them have anything like this.  None.  Theyre all a random crap for people to get on to hide from their life, to get away from problems, to cry, talk with random people, do random things that might let you have some fun, but nothing like Playstation 3 Home,  This is in a whole different Dimension.  You can Never bring Home down to their level.  Home will bring a whole new revolution and organization to the gaming community, and those who own a PS3.
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