Jun 15 2013
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Some Thoughts

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Ok I wanna start with the Nightclub clubhouse..I really like this however It has drawbacks.


1st No one can go to the DJ booth and since it's a club I think the members or at least the two in charge should be able to actually go to the DJ booth and pick and play music.Plus I've noticed that if you add a music player no one else can use it which prevents having any form of actual DJ.I think the DJ booth should be opened and all members should have access to Music players in the club.


2.The new dances are great but too limited.Not in the types or styles but how many you can have active at once.I think that PS plus members should at least be able to have 5 packs actives at once.( I personally feel everyone who buys the packs should be able to)However I really beleive that PS Plus members should be allowed to have all purchused packs active at once.Giving full range of dance and emotes


My only other complaint is that in X7 the music tends to suddenly stop without warning.I kind of figure this might be due to high community log ins resulting in lag so I can understand that.


But those are all the issues I have.


Now on a personal note.There is something I would love to see on PS Home.

Since we will have to pay for clubs soon(likely with the release of PS4 ) I feel it would only be fitting is those with clubs could actually take their clubs live.This is to say.Make the club an actual world club owned and operated by the club owner. they can hire workers put in vendors and thus even charge a cover charge or require a pass like X7.


By doing this the owen makes money to cover the cost of keeping the club plus PS can then tax the earned money like on other games of this nature. say for every $10 earned the player acually gets $3 to $5. or even a system like other games with the Currancy exchange rates 40.000vc( virtual currancy) equals $10 so on..


This would be profitable for the club owner and PS Home also the club owner could then hire actual ps home member to work at the club thus paying them and so more and more goes back into PS Home and the community..


Just my thoughts hope to see you all on home.



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Re: Some Thoughts

Jun 15, 2013

Thanks for taking the time to type up and post your ideas. As a Home user I find it to be helpful to post ideas in the monthly suggestions thread where developers go to get an idea of what the community is interested in.


The June Suggestions thread is located at


Happy Posting!

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Re: Some Thoughts

Jun 15, 2013
I remember when I wanted a job in Home to fund my purchases heh ")
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