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Re: So now that Home is ultimately dying on the PS3...

Jun 16, 2013

Who told you ise was patched becuase this is untrue lol XD

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Re: So now that Home is ultimately dying on the PS3...

Jun 16, 2013
Cricix wrote:
The PS4's Social features would make Home useless social wise and it'd be just a simulator dress up and decorating game.

I'm not understanding your reasoning with this as this feature is only a social extension, for those of us who enjoy the games and experiences Home offers why would a chat APP kill Home? I enjoy the dress up and decoration you seem to be dismissing and I'm already doing the same socializing with Facebook using the messenger APP minus the connection to the network, the Home experience is what I crave not an on-the-go connection or an improved chat room.
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Re: So now that Home is ultimately dying on the PS3...

Jun 17, 2013

I still buy stuff. Not as active as was but personal reasons.


I expect Home will last on PS3 as long as PS3 is supported. Maybe it's wishful thinking on my part but that's what I believe. Besides, it can't close down until Home Tycoon brings in the helicopters they talked about. 


Also, Game Mechanics has asked what kind of games we would like after they released the horse racing game. I don't know what they know but I believe they're planning ahead based on the assumption Home will be around for awhile.


I'm waiting on other stuff like Loot putting 50s 60s music on all their radios. They did update the Hollywood Hills space radio quite nicely so that it plays all over the space. And a new night time version for those who want it... and a club.


I don't know if Home will make it to the PS4 but if they're going to sell old games on the 4 then why not Home? Time will tell.


I never expected SONY to annouce at E3 whether Home would make it to the 4.



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