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Re: So . . . log-in issues not fixed for another week?

Oct 15, 2009


This is the error I get that everyone is asking about along with the rest of the people in this thread


Network error z(7,-104) on item verification. Possible way of reproducing.


one of the guys in the thread contacted Sony and they said the Z error could only be fixed on the Dev side!


So please stop telling people with this error we r doing something wrong or not reading locusts post. It only makes the situation worse. We are already heading towards a month without Home. The fact is, there is nothing we, the (self proclaimed(just made that up)) exiled ones, can do about it. All we can do is wait and suggest that in the future, errors of this magnitude require an immediate recall until fixed. Home can continue on its normal pace, and with more content and such being added without the new system update in place.

crunkris, you have been very patient throughout this, and I really have to respect you for that. Not many people can be.


Unfortunately this is just one of those issues that has to be worked out. There's so much internally changed with the new version that it's just not very simple to roll things back. Even some third party spaces would have to be rolled back.


It sucks that folks are blocked out. it really does. I know it is no consolation to you or the others, but Sony has to be working hard to get this sorted. If they could have done it yesterday I'm sure they would, but rolling back is not the answer. As hard as it is for some, it's just better to power through it and get the issues fixed.


i'm on home maybe a couple times a week, but it is comforting that the option is there if i decide to pop in. If I could trade places with ya I would. It seems like you miss it way more than I would.  

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Re: So . . . log-in issues not fixed for another week?

Oct 15, 2009


tom005 wrote:

The following goes to all who think they have problems starting up and/or logging into home as a result of update 1.3:


To be honest, if you're having problems with home then quite obviously you're not paying attention. Go back and read exactly what you need to do to access home as Locust_Star posted, then go back and read it again, and continue to read it until you understand what it says, then do what it says or don't. Don't go posting stuff like this when there isn't a "big" problem as you make it appear. The only thing any user should be experiencing is slower initial load times, and if your too lazy too sit through it then you proabably shouldn't be on home anyway. Yes, the stuff home is doing/will do in the next few months is some of the greatest it's done in a while and proves that the home devs are concerning themselves with what we say, as with that instance, on three or more seperate occassions Locust_Star or another dev/moderator/etc. has posted detailed instructions on how one can resolve their issues logging into home (info for everyone: being that 99% of the actual start-up problems are local issues, ).




Anyways, i know that you personnally are an active poster and user of home and these forums, i am not in any way attempting to detract you from either and, instead, am happy that you find home and these forums to be a socially ingratiating place and am glad you participate in both. But, if you ARE experiencing a real issue other than those pre-outlined by Locust_Star then you need to inform them as directed in his posts, posting a thread isn't going to help them be able to resolve any possible issues as quickly as they might. Of course, if you already posted this issue where they designated then: Ignore this post xD


U have been paying attention. I have posted on allmost all the threads in this forum that have said they still can't login despite doing what Locusts said, as there are many of us, saying that i have had the same problem. I have been very vocal about my problems beyondthe fix Locust talks about and have posted about my sever errors on the Support forum and on mnay support forum threads Started by users with my same problem. Im sorry u think Locusts solution is a fix for everything, but its not.  And Many of use have been VERY vocal about our continued problems.


And beyond that, how are ur normal non-forum goers going to know to delete and reinstall Home? They cant even read the message of the day and many people dont even know about these forums.

Social interaction when playing games on-line, or at the store where they bought the PS3.  It's assumed that PS3 owners have PCs, know how to use a search engine, know that the PS3 has internet browser access etc. anyone who does not spend time in a search engine at least once a week is clueless and has the emotional age of a 14 year old. 

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Re: So . . . log-in issues not fixed for another week?

Oct 15, 2009

JPConway wrote:


Jim777 wrote:

yall can read the post, its right above this one

Thats exactly my point. Its like "Sorry, im too busy pushing out lots of content only forum readers can enjoy. Once all this 'OMg' 'its soo amazing' 'i want more' content is all out and its all old, then we'll let everyone in, a month later."


but does the content take priority to the user? Even Glass getting trained in HER new role shouldn't take priority over the user.

Not everyone is locked out of Home.  I see many people in there - daily - me included.  I am sure the dev's are working hard to resolve the issues.  But - why lock everyone out on purpose if only a "handful" are not able to sign on? 


I understand where you are coming from - as well as the others.  There are issues that need to be fixed - of that no doubt.  But - why totally close down Home to everyone?


Oh - and on a side note - Glass is a "HE".  One - from when L_S posted how "he" is joining the group - and two - from me asking and getting a reply.




Ok, u may not be understanding me. Only a handful of people are getting the z(7,-104) error. This is true. They are perma locked out of home.


BUT!! . . . the update did in fact lock EVERYONE out of Home, cause before you deleted and re-installed it, you were locked out. IF you do not delete and reinstall, and in most cases delete ur apartments as well, then you will not be allowed to enter. This is locking ever one out. Now besides the few of us who cant get on no matter what, many of yall have found the backdoor that Locust has posted about to enter Home. But not everone knows about this backdoor. I suggest at least a third of the home users or causual Home goers or even those who decide to visit Home for the first time in the month of october, will be unable to get on home, but instead will recieve a system freeze. After a few tries, they will give up. They wont go looking for a backdoor, cause they realy dnt care that much and dnt know of where to find the info about how to get on even if they care enuf. I made all of this clear in my post. Its easy for us Forumers to say they should just read the forums, but this is realy a selfish assumption and expectation on our part of the casual Home visitor.


And GlassWalls is a beautiful well-endowed Woman, i saw her at the HorrorBowl

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Re: So . . . log-in issues not fixed for another week?

Oct 15, 2009

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lol! that's funny and sad at the same time... sorry bout your bad luck. but funny little convo

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Re: So . . . log-in issues not fixed for another week?

Oct 20, 2009
in all irony crunk i never ever got locked out with the new update and i have several of those items in my personal space(which i leave home from)im just fine on my backup but my main well.....thats another story
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Re: So . . . log-in issues not fixed for another week?

Oct 20, 2009
Its a really bad time to have these problems with Home with the slim just being released and all. The new install base gets to boot their brand new PS3 Slim expecting a Home experiance and get a system freeze. Deffenitly not putting ur best foot farward in my opinion.!
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Re: So . . . log-in issues not fixed for another week?

Oct 20, 2009

So still no update to a fix on any of these problems I see. I got my refund/credit from my bank so it's all just a waiting game for me now. If and when they ever do get it accessible again for everyone, I'll start a new acct and go from there.


I can promise you the $300 plus dollars I had invested in Home on the first acct will certainly NOT be invested in Home again. Nothing but frreebies for me if I get access to Home returned from now on. Maybe not a huge loss to Sony but hopefully a handful of others have taken my advice and done the same.

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Re: So . . . log-in issues not fixed for another week?

Oct 21, 2009

Just posted by Locust_Star at the PlayStation.Blog:


Last, but certainly not least, you’ll notice that a new version of PlayStation Home – version 1.32 – will be prompted for download when you attempt to login. This client update will address many of the issues that the community has reported to us post-1.3. You should find that gaining access to the service is much, much, MUCH easier. So if you’ve had problems logging into Home over the last few weeks, have no fear


mtngmr, I'd ask you to report back if this fixes your problem, but it seems that since you stated you have to get a new account that it's moot. I hope that it does resolve the issue for everyone.
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