Jun 22 2012
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Im creating this thread to see if ... and i dont think so... or hope not, that i would be the only one that cannot play Slay.

I just dont get it... ok, its not like i practiced, but what i dont like is that the company that created Dust 514, wants ppl to get into it, and so then we get this game on Home, but its difficult.

Not everyone is into that kind of game, like not everyone is into chess.

I really hope that later, they would or ''give'' the avatar, if not, that they would let us be able to buy them.

For that they would have to add a store section of Dust on Home.

I tought about letting someone use my acc so that i would get the outfits, but i dont really feel like doing that.

Question : anyone knows at around what date/month Dust 514 should be available for everyone ?

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Re: Slay

Jun 22, 2012

I would say that not every game is for everyone. So it's fine if there are some games in home you don't like to play, or aren't that good at. I'm not great at shooters. So i never finished the UC3 integration or Yeti's vs Hunters.

June 29th is the next Beta event for Dust 514. Meaning you can get more keys either via the website or the Event Horizon Lounge. I doubt the game itself is anywhere near coming out though.

I'm not a big fan of releasing the reward outfits as a buyable item. It defeats the purpose of having them as rewards. I don't believe in the idea that everyone is entitled to everything. Sometimes you have to earn it.

Also, if you really want the rewards, have someone help you in Multiplayer or look at the strategy guides that Dust is putting out for each map.

By far, Map 2 is the easiest to win on. It is small and you are given a lot of bases at the bottom of the map so that you can control that area and slowly work your way up.

I would even be happy to explain how to play the game to you if you wanted.

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Re: Slay

Jun 22, 2012

If you or anyone else is still having trouble with Slay, I used this video guide I found.

Follow his exact moves and you'll win. I was having so much trouble with Slay, and this helped me finally win.

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Re: Slay

Jun 22, 2012

I'm not saying I'm that great but we can team up if you want.. I'm pretty much up to date with all the outfit rewards.. No need to log on to your acct, help is always free.. Let me know via xmb

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Re: Slay

Jun 23, 2012

Valk, i tried 2 times, he plays too fast, the first time i missed a move and my map wasnt similar to his anymore, and the second time i was almost at the end of part one and i made an error, i got frustrated...

jimmynet, we still would have to kill the A.I., and so because i dont get it, i wouldnt know where to move and what to do, and so i would die again.

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