Jun 22 2012
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Slay video

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This is a suggestion

Anyone that got a PVR and thats good at Slay, would you please post a video on youtube of your game/s (they say that map 2 is supposed to be the easiest map) and pls play slow... 

Someone else did it for map 6, but he play too fast fast, i tried to copy his moves and i made an error and then i couldnt continue, it sucks when we try to copy and after like 15 min we make an error or miss a move and then we have to start over(i did it twice so far... lol).

I dont care if ppl would tell me how cheap this would be, i just cant play that game.

Anyone that got a PVR, and a youtube account plsssssss... pls... just pls. <_<

thank you lol

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Re: Slay video

Jun 22, 2012

they sure as hell made it difficult. I've been trying to do it, but failed on maps 1, 2, 6, and 9

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