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Re: Shame on you!

Jun 25, 2013

Jersquall wrote:

Danger_Dad wrote:

Your_Empress Yearned_Emphaticly:


Not a single mention of Playstation Home or it's future replacement on the PS4 at E3??


Do the good people of the Home community not deserve an answer to the long awaited fate of Playstation Home?

We are what to the future platform? Nothing?


Did anyone else notice how there was *not a single Home developer booth* at E3 this year? Last year there were several.

This year, *nothing*.


I know i am not alone in these feelings.


I take such things as signs, n until we hear something official about Home's future replacement on the PS4, my time and money spent in Home will be minimal.

 :^/ Actually, Loot! was there, promoting their Forsaken Planet software. But it was the PC version. They had nothing Home related. I was disappointed.

NorseGamer was running the loot Booth at E3 and  yes you're correct.

Jersquall wrote:


I don't care for Facebook. If your life is really that interesting you wouldn't be posting about it every 10 minutes or about what you're eatting (lol! nothing could be simply more true!)


BUT, I do have twitter. Here's the thing. Sony knows we have been pushing for Home on PS4. sony knows. Jack T walks the steps of the new office building daily now that they're all moved in. Right where the Home team works.


i appreciate your effort. Feb 20th 2013 was the PS4 reveal and it has been in development for years? if Home was going to PS4 then E3 would be the place to promote it. the conference would had been ideal.  We hear nothing from sony. same with devs. so far nothing from E3. Thursday E3 ends.




Did your heart sink a bit when you heard nothing about PS Home at E3, Jers?


I know mine did Cat Sad

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