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Re: September 2013 Suggestions Thread

Sep 26, 2013

Home Tycoon request.

Week long Wednesday to Wednesday building sale

...that consists of the...


Luxury Life Tower 45

Globosyn Loft Tower 50

Globosyn Magnus Tower 80

Garden Acres 10

Sustainable Apartments 25

Transutopian Greenspace 35

Globosyn Plaza 25

Globosyn offices 50

Synergy Tower 40

Holistic Campus 25

Globosyn World Tower 50


...with the total value of 435 Gold Coins for only the Expender Pack value of 160 Gold Coins?

I'm sure that a lot of (SC) mayors would be delighted. Smiley Happy 


I can imagine that you would rather choose to use the Investor Pack instead in such an event, but I think that that one would make sure that the sale would miss it's intention.

But it's up to you. Smiley Happy 

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Re: September 2013 Suggestions Thread

Sep 27, 2013

October 2013 Suggestions Thread is up! Locking this one down. Thanks!

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