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Re: Seduction of the Innocent

Jun 4, 2013

I've never really paid much attention to ID's on home or while playing video games online , just about every word i've seen in this thread i've seen on home or while playing a game online ,i've also met some and played games with folks who have some of words in there ID's and they were very cool people.


I'm not saying I have not seen some that are just obviously troll names , I would never judge or shy away from someone because of an ID ,now I will say I do shy away from some folks who have very rude club names under there ID like ' doing your __ ' or ' feeling __' etc. i'm sure everyone has seen what I mean but as far as Sony babysitting so to speak I am a firm believer that it is the parents job to watch there kids and set controls on any social network or gaming ( i've seen this arguement regarding some mature games and they are rated mature for a reason,just an example). 


 I have kids and manage to keep an eye on them ,it just takes a bit of time and want to on the parents part as well as researching what they might be wanting to do. 


 Just a few random thoughts while looking over the forums Smiley Happy

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