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Re: SUGGESTIONS for September

Oct 1, 2012

When developing personal spaces and clubhouses, I hope that Developers consider our limited item situation. By doing this, when creating a very big space, maybe have some places already partially furnished so that when we add our 100 items, we can make the spaces look filled and lived in, rather than almost empty and ready to go on the market (or look as if we had just moved in).


Kitchens in these spaces can already have tables with food already placed on them. Shelves already decorated. Have some furniture that are interactive already baked into the space...


And sell accesories such as tables (kitchen, dining, living room) sold with appropriate items already on them. We can always buy these items at our option.


Examples: The Cathedral should have had the pews already built in, with the option to add more by the owner. The Mansion First Floor's kitchen should have had kitchen items baked in with the option to add more items (food, pots and pans, knife racks, etc.) up to the owner.


Some people have large spaces that still look empty even after placing 100 items in those spaces...

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