Jan 11 2011
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Recreate a Famous Pic Challenge

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Alone or with friends, can you recreate a famous picture, painting or image in Home? Here is a simple example and a pic that has been previously posted. If you want to try alone as Blue Boy or Mona Lisa, or if you and your group want to recreate the Last Supper or Flags Of Our Fathers, or use items to recreate a still life painting or famous abstract art, please include a picture of the original for comparison. If you don't want to participate, then please just let this thread die an lonely death. 


This thread is just for fun, there are no prizes. I think the forums need a creativity section just for Home Creations to accommodate those hilarious captioned comic strips, boring magazine articles (just kidding), and boring threads like this one.    Wish I knew how to resize a pic from a web link.    I continue searching.

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